10 points to note when using an electric bike for the first time

If you have been riding a bicycle or driving a car before, you may be a little uncomfortable to use an electric bike at first. I will summarize for you the top ten points of using electric bicycle for the first time: such as 1~3 months to be fully charged, do not use it in rainy days, etc.
1, long time not to use the battery, need 1-3 months to replenish once. If the electric bike battery is not used for a long time, it is best to replenish the power regularly, generally once every 1-3 months.
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2, high current discharge has certain damage to the battery, so in the start and uphill, please use the pedal to help.
3, although the electric bicycle has good rainproof performance, but please avoid direct sun and rain. Like the heavy rain in Beijing yesterday, June 23, you must not ride again. Otherwise, as long as the battery into the water, your electric bicycle can not use a few months.
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4, electric bicycle acceleration is faster, to ensure your safety, please start the motor after riding stable, in order to avoid your hands and feet in the traffic, do not start in place.
5, electric bicycle acceleration handle sometimes can not be fully back, please develop the good habit of pushing back the handle after the acceleration is completed.
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6、When braking, the current of the motor will be cut off at the same time, so you don't need to worry that the motor will continue to rush forward when braking; but once the brake is released, if the acceleration handle is still in the acceleration position, the motor will immediately get the current forward, if you don't want this phenomenon to happen, please get into the good habit of pushing the handle back after the acceleration is completed.
7、Electric bicycle is not suitable for driving on uneven or steep roads, if you encounter such roads, please get off and push.
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8, when riding in winter, please try to use the whole foot pedal assistance, so that your body can be exercised, not to let your legs and feet parts of the freezing, but also help to extend the service life of the battery (because the low temperature makes the battery capacity drop, the same riding distance, the depth of discharge increased).
9、The design load of electric bicycle is 100kg, so please do not bring people and too heavy objects.
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10、The driving range of electric bicycle is determined by the lead-acid battery used. The general driving range of 24V12Ah battery pack is 25km~30km, which can meet the needs of users with a daily commuting distance of 20km or less, and users with more than 20km should choose 36V12Ah battery pack.

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