Notes on the purchase of electric bicycles and real insights

As an emerging tool for travel, electric bicycles are getting a lot of attention and love, so what problems do you encounter when you first buy an electric bike? The following is based on my actual purchase experience, as well as the previous online information, to organize the purchase of electric bicycle considerations, here and share with you.

A, I bought an electric bike five points of experience
1, by the development of battery technology, at present, electric bicycles have a maximum range of the problem, generally 50 km - 80 km, so the purchase of electric bicycles must be clear: is to do as a means of transportation to and from work, do not require too high.
The formula for calculating the maximum range is: Maximum range >= Total distance to and from work X 1.5

There are several types of e-bikes, such as 24V12Ah, 24V14Ah and 36V12Ah, according to the battery pack used. Among them, the maximum driving range of 24V12Ah battery pack is 25km~30km, which can meet the needs of users within 15km of commuting to and from work every day, while users above 15km should choose 24V14Ah and 36V12Ah battery packs.

2. The performance of expensive and luxurious-looking cars is not necessarily better than that of relatively cheap and simple-looking cars.
3、About the battery. The key to determine the quality of electric bicycle is the quality of the motor and battery. High-quality motor loss is small, high efficiency, long range, good for the battery; as for the battery, almost an electric bicycle is a good or bad decision factor. Electric bicycles on the market are basically maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, which have low prices, excellent electrical performance, no memory effect, easy to use and other characteristics, with a basic service life of 1 to 2 years.

The battery I bought is a lead-acid battery from Panasonic in Shenyang, and it works fine at the moment, but I don't know much about other manufacturers' batteries. I heard that Tennant and Chaowei seem to be good.
Closely related to the battery life is the choice of charger, I have not found a particularly perfect product, so I can only recommend that you must use the original factory original charger.

4, now you can often see people on the street riding an electric bike with a child, I should say that this is a certain damage to the electric bike. If you must bring someone, you can only bring a child under 10 years old who is not too heavy, otherwise, the life of the motor may be greatly shortened.
Second, the seven points to note when buying an electric bicycle
According to my experience and the information I found on the Internet. I want to remind you to buy an electric bicycle to pay attention to the following seven points.

1、The rotating parts should run flexibly, no jamming, stiffness phenomenon.

2、Shifting device: The shifting vehicle should be properly shifted within the shifting range, the shifting position should be clear, and there should be no neutral gear in the middle.

3、The chain should be suitable for tightness and flexible operation. Turn the crank sprocket repeatedly in the forward and reverse direction by hand, the chain should run flexibly and there should be no skipping or falling off.

4、Saddle parts: Hold the front and rear part of the saddle with both hands, and press down the front of the saddle with one hand, and the front of the saddle shall not collapse. Then use both hands to turn the saddle horizontally, the saddle should not turn.
5, brake and brake system selection: hold the handlebar with both hands, respectively, left and right brake while pushing and pulling the bike back and forth, the wheel should not turn at this time; release the handle, the brake system should be able to quickly reset;.

6、Smooth and reliable speed regulation. Slowly turn the speed control handle, the motor should start smoothly and accelerate without abnormal noise, after releasing the handle, the handle can be quickly reset and the motor decelerates evenly.

electric bicycles
7, brake power off quickly and reliably. Turn the speed control handle, after the motor running, pinch the brake, the motor can immediately power off, such as power display, you can see the voltage display back to zero.

Third, some other electric bicycle use common sense
1, careful driving, avoid speeding. Traffic Safety Law" provides that the speed of electric bicycles in the non-motorized lane shall not exceed 15km/h, the national standard provides that the maximum speed of electric bicycles should not be greater than 20km/h. Speeding electric bicycles are prone to safety hazards. In addition, too fast electric bicycle, will consume more energy, thus shortening the range.
electric bicycles
2. Drive safely and do not overload. The general design load of electric bicycle is 75kg, i.e. single rider. Overloading will lead to long time high current discharge of the battery, thus shortening the service life of the battery; at the same time, overloading may damage the frame structure safety of electric bicycle and cause frame strength failure.

3, good maintenance, diligent charging. Develop good habits of use, regular maintenance according to the requirements of the instruction manual, pay attention to the regular inspection of the tightening of the screws in various parts of the body, brake performance, instrumentation, line displacement, etc., and make appropriate adjustments to ensure safe riding. Pay attention to the charging status of the charger and the normal charging time, to prevent the battery from undercharging or overcharging, and consult professionals when charging abnormalities are found, so as not to damage the battery.
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4, correct use, more assistance. Electric bicycle in the start, uphill and windy ride against the wind, should use pedal assistance to reduce the battery load and extend its life; when the power is insufficient, should ride at a lower speed; no matter when, should not be in the state of under-voltage electric riding.
electric bicycles
5、Care about the weather, it is advisable to waterproof. Be aware that the capacity of the battery changes with time and environment, with the increase in the number of uses, the battery capacity will gradually decline. In the case of low temperature, the battery capacity will also be reduced, and can be restored when the temperature rises. Riding in the rain and snow should pay attention to safety, although the electric bike has a certain anti-shower function, but the motor, controller and other parts of the waterproof, especially at the electrical connectors, should pay more attention.

6、Professional maintenance, free of hidden dangers. In the normal use of electric bicycles, often involves the replacement of tires, brakes and other wearing parts, in the repair process, to choose a professional repair institutions or personnel, in order to prevent the repair of the vehicle with disease on the road.

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