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As a convenient travel tool, electric bicycles have increasingly taken over the market share and become the preferred transportation tool for more and more people. In the face of the many brands and varieties of electric bicycles on the market, people are at a loss when it comes to purchasing a bike. Most people buy electric bicycles for the convenience of life and work travel. Therefore, when buying an electric bike, there are some things that need to be paid attention to, so what are the details of the electric bike purchase that should be noted? What are the electric bicycle brands? How to judge the performance of electric bicycle? What should I pay attention to when buying an electric bike on site? Here to understand in detail.
best electric bike
A, electric bicycle shopping guide, what should be noted when buying an electric bike?
1, look at the brand. At present, there are many electric bicycle brands, taking into account that electric bicycles are long-term consumer goods, as a means of travel at any time about human safety, so you should buy a brand with a good reputation in all aspects, of which several elements such as long operating time, low return rate, good quality, reputation can be used as a reference standard.
best electric bike
2, choose the model. According to the actual situation of cyclists to decide to buy models. Electric bicycles can generally be divided into four types of mini, standard, multifunctional. Each of the four models has its own advantages, we should put their own needs in the first place to consider when buying.
best electric bike
3, check the accessories. The strength requirements and performance requirements of electric bicycle parts should be higher than those of bicycles. When shopping, users should look at the quality of the parts selected for the whole car. Such as: the frame and fork welding and Yuan surface whether there are defects, all parts of the manufacturing is excellent, double support is strong, whether the tires are used brand-name, tight wisdom parts are rust-proof, etc..
best electric bike
4. Calculate the stroke. Capacity of 36V/12Ah of a new battery range is generally about 50-70 km, in general, the longest distance of about 35 km per day is more appropriate (due to road conditions affect the actual range), the longest distance of more than 50 km per day, we must consider the possibility of two intervals of charging in a day. If there is no such possibility, it is not suitable to buy an electric bike.
best electric bike
5. Service. As most of the electric bicycle parts are not yet common, the maintenance is not yet socialized, so the purchase of electric bicycle ~ must pay attention to whether there is a special maintenance service department in the region, if the cheap and ignore the after-sales service, it is easy to be fooled.

Second, the main points of electric bicycle site selection
1, according to my actual needs and favorite, buy the right specifications, style and color. For example, if you have a small heart, you can buy a bicycle style.

2, the first selection of the vehicle's appearance quality, mainly to see whether the trademark, decals intact, paint parts, electroplating parts, plastic parts, aluminum parts of the surface quality is satisfactory.
best electric bike
3、Check the quality of the vehicle assembly, it should be: a, various screws fastened in place, no loose. b, handlebar, wheel, chain, crank, pedals should run flexibly, rim should be round speed, round jump amount is small. c, handlebar, saddle, mud board, hanger, bracket should be installed right or left and right symmetry, there can not be obvious deflection. d, moving parts (such as chain, crank, wheel, etc.) and immovable parts (such as chain cover, mud board, etc.) must not touch.

4、The electric door key and battery lock should be tried, in order to be safe, reliable and convenient to use. Electric door lock, battery lock, toolbox lock should be common a key is most convenient.
best electric bike
5, open the electric door, turn the variable speed handle, check the stepless variable speed and brake (brake) power off and the braking effect, and check whether the motor is running smoothly and the sound is normal. If the situation allows, finally go for a test ride to experience it.

6, multi-function and luxury electric bicycle also check whether all the functions are intact and normal.
best electric bike
7, finally to take the invoice, charger, certificate of conformity, manual, three package card, etc., and properly stored. And whether the business promises to give something complete.

You can often see that the traffic jam on the street, the car almost inch, only the electric bike shuttle freedom, thanks to its compactness, but also because there is no closed protection roof and other structures, electric bicycle shuttle will have a certain degree of danger, therefore, riding an electric bike friends, be sure to observe the surrounding attention to safety does not grab the road, riding their favorite electric bike, beautiful on the street safe home! Therefore, if you ride an e-bike, you must observe the surrounding area and pay attention to safety.

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