What are the best electric bikes?This electric bicycle is your first choice


Choosing an electric bicycle can't just look at the brand, it should be judged from the performance of the electric bicycle. I choose electric cars from the following perspectives:

(1) Safety Safety is embodied in two aspects, one is the brake system, and the other is the rechargeable battery brake system: the difference between disc brakes and hub brakes In terms of braking performance, disc brakes are better than hub brakes. But in general, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The hub brake has strong braking force and the price is relatively favorable. However, because the brake pads of ordinary hub brakes generally use asbestos materials, they dissipate slowly and are easy to wear, so they are not suitable for high-frequency braking. And because the braking force is not linear (brake linear, which means that as the force of the hand brake increases, the force of the brake also increases evenly), it will be difficult to control the brake.

Compared with hub brakes, disc brakes have good heat dissipation, less heat decay, brake linearity and easy control, and frequent brakes are not afraid. However, because the disc brake is an external structure, the brakes are exposed. If you often ride on muddy sand and gravel roads, it is easy to get into the gravel and cause noise during riding. In addition, the price of disc brakes is higher than that of hub brakes. Types of electric bicycle rechargeable batteries: lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries are the cheapest, but they are large, heavy, and short in life. The disadvantage of lithium batteries is that they are expensive, but light in weight, small in size and long in life.

(2) Frame material: high carbon steel, aluminum alloy
(3) Feasibility. Since each city does not have a unified standard for whether electric bicycles need to be licensed and what kind of vehicles can be licensed, consumers must consult the local vehicle management office to know what type of electric bicycles before buying electric bicycles. Can be listed, what kind of information is required to be listed. Summary: The most important thing to start with electric bicycles is whether the area can be listed on the road. If you can go on the road, you should start with dual disc brakes, high shock absorbers, and foldable ones. This kind of car is more practical.

For example, this electric bicycle: lithium battery 48V, battery capacity (11-20AH), 60 kilometers long battery life, aluminum alloy body is corrosion-resistant, more durable, front and rear large disc brakes, double rear shock absorption + seat bag shock absorption, You have the ultimate riding pleasure. If the budget is not that high, and there is no need for so many performances, then you can start with the most affordable one, like a multi-knife electric bicycle, which is low in price and cost-effective.


Lead-acid battery, 40km battery life, vacuum tires, front and rear shock absorbers, bring the ultimate riding experience, suitable for commuting to get off work, large baskets are suitable for shopping for food, walking, visiting relatives, and the soft back seat can transport grandchildren to and from school. Overall, it is quite good Affordable.

If you want to fold it without taking up any space, you can add a little extra price. It can be folded for around US$300. The aluminum alloy is light in weight and easy to carry. The same large vegetable basket is suitable for shopping and walking, visiting relatives, and the soft back seat can transport grandchildren to and from school, and it is really convenient to send mother to ride.

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