How do e-bikes work?This super detailed working principle with diagrams tells you the answer


Electric bicycle is a green transportation with electric power, pedal drive, electric power and pedal and other effects. The principle and structure of electric bicycle is not complicated, it can be considered as a set of motor drive mechanism on top of the bicycle. The battery sends electricity to a motor through a controller, which is placed in the rear wheel, and the motor rotates to drive the bike forward. The electric bicycle controller is connected to a speed control handle, and the pedal is equipped with a power sensor on the middle axis. Turning the speed control handle allows the controller to detect different voltage values, and according to the voltage value, the controller simulates and adjusts the voltage level delivered to the motor, thus controlling the motor speed.

The controller brushless motor control method is based on the motor position feedback signal, control the motor three-phase drive upper and lower arm MOS tube on and off, so as to achieve electronic commutation. The motor is connected in a triangle, and the three-phase drive upper and lower arm MOS tubes are combined in the following order: V1-V2, V2-V3, V3-V4, V5-V4, V5-V6, V1-V6.
The main tasks of the MCU are speed control voltage detection, battery voltage detection, current detection, overcurrent interrupt detection, 3-way Hall position signal detection, 1-way Hall position signal interrupt detection, brake signal detection, 1:1 booster detection, temperature detection, fault display output, PWM control motor speed output, 6-way Motor drive output

Electronic brake
Electronic brake means that when the brake is applied, the upper arm (or lower arm) of the motor drive MOS tube is all on and the lower arm (or upper arm) is all off, and all three phases of the motor wiring are shorted, so that the motor can produce resistance and achieve the effect of braking.
Automatic Cruise
Automatic cruise, means the speed control handle to the required angle, electric bicycle to the corresponding speed, in 5S (time variable) speed control handle does not turn, the electric bicycle will remain in this speed, then the rider can release the speed control handle, hands have been screwed speed control tired. After automatic cruise, you can only adjust the speed of the e-bike again by releasing the handlebar and re-rotating the handlebar.
Blocking and disconnection
Blocking and breaking current means that when the electric bicycle is overloaded, or when the current is too high when climbing a hill or when the resistance is too high, the motor stops rotating and the system can detect this phenomenon and stop the output of the motor to play a protective role. After the occurrence of blocking and breaking the current, as long as to meet the reverse, reset the speed control handlebars or power off and then reopen, one of the three conditions, the system will re-detect whether there is blocking, if it returns to normal, the system will work normally again.

Intelligent overcurrent protection
Intelligent overcurrent protection, one means that at high speed (flat road), the maximum current can not exceed 15A; the second is a very low speed, especially in climbing the current can not exceed 23A, overcurrent protection of the reference limit current and the current speed.
Intelligent under-voltage protection
Intelligent under-voltage protection, when the battery voltage drops to 90% of the rated value, 36V battery down to 31, 5V, the battery automatically stop power supply, so as to prevent the battery from being discharged too deeply and damaged. The system will automatically detect whether the battery is under-voltage, under-voltage will stop to continue working. When the battery is under-voltage, the battery voltage will rise for a short time, but the system will not work until the battery voltage is stabilized above the rated voltage.

Hibernation and power saving
When the system is in power on state, without any operation, it will enter into hibernation mode after 5 minutes, and the system can be woken up by turning the wheel artificially to continue normal work.


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