How to distinguish electric bicycle motor is "brushless motor" or "brush motor"?

Some careful consumers will find that some electric bicycle motors are "brush motors" and some are "brushless motors" when they buy electric bicycles. So how to distinguish - electric bicycle motor is "brushless motor" or "brush motor"?

A, the difference between the motor is "brush" or "brushless" simple method
Simply put, you can identify the motor of an electric bicycle from its appearance as "brushed" or "brushless".
First of all, "brushless" electric bicycle leads have 8 leads, while "brushed" electric bicycle leads have two positive and negative poles; secondly, when the motor is driven by hand, "brushless" motors are easy to turn before and after, while "brushed" motors are easy to turn before and tighter to turn after.
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Summary: general brush motor has only two lines, brushless has three thick lines and five thin lines.

Second, the "brushless" motor is better than the "brush" motor
From the prevailing use of the industry, there are two main types of motors: brush motors and brushless motors.
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1, brush motor
Most electric bicycles on the market are still in the brush motor stage. Brush motors use mechanical commutation, the technical requirements of the control system is lower, the relative cost is lower than brushless motors, brush motor starting torque is slightly greater than brushless motors. But the fatal weakness is: short life, high noise, low efficiency. It long-term use of carbon brush wear serious, more easily damaged. At the same time, the wear produces a large amount of carbon dust, the dust falls into the gear oil, so that the gear oil to accelerate the drying, motor noise further increase.

Brush motor use to about a year will need to replace the carbon brush inside, you will find that charging a driving mileage is less than two-thirds of the new car bought, and climbing the hill when the power is not enough, but also burn the controller. This is because after the motor replacement carbon brush, commutator is also worn out a groove, so that the carbon brush contact area is reduced, poor contact carbon brush power will generate sparks and accelerate the oxidation of commutator and copper, resulting in the above-mentioned bad phenomenon.
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2、Brushless motor
Brushless motor with electronic commutation instead of mechanical commutation, technically superior to the brush motor. Because brushless motor has no gear or reduction device, reducing the unreliability of motor wear. Its efficiency is higher than that of brushed motors within a certain current range. Brushless motor is almost noiseless when driving and has a long life of more than 10 years.
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According to the comparison between the two, brushless motor is better than brush motor. At present, there are already some electric bicycle manufacturers who originally used brush motors and now use brushless motors instead. Brushless motor is definitely the future direction of electric bicycle development.
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