Can I add 4 sets of batteries to my e-bike to make the driving distance 4 times greater?

Two days ago, I saw a friend ask a question on the internet, "My e-bike only has one set of batteries, 36v, I think the power is too bad, and I can't run far. Can I directly modify it by adding 4 sets of batteries in series to become 144 voltage, thus making the power and driving distance 4 times bigger?"
If this user is really this idea, the idea is not feasible. The specific reasons are the following 5 points.
1, the general electric bicycle controller, motor are used to rated voltage DC power. If we use the series connection method you mentioned and boost the voltage to 144v, as soon as the circuit is connected, the controller and even the motor will burn up directly, and no ordinary motor can carry more than several times the rated voltage.
2, now the dual battery pack are realized through parallel circuit, that is, the voltage is constant, through the air switch control use, the use of a battery pack power supply, not to make the current multiplied, burn the line.
3. Now there are 60V, 72V electric vehicles on the market, which can indeed extend the mileage, but the controller of such electric vehicles is specially customized. So it is not feasible and dangerous to increase the total voltage without changing the controller and motor.
4, if the use of lithium, small size, light weight, parallel 3 to 4 groups is not uncommon, but now a group of 48V, 24A lithium iron phosphate batteries need 2600 yuan, enough to buy a new electric car. 3 to four groups, the price is tens of thousands of dollars.
5, even parallel battery pack is also limited by the conditions, generally parallel is also a double battery pack. And three groups of batteries, four groups of batteries will encounter other problems.
First, we are currently using the battery pack are lead-acid batteries, a battery pack is relatively large, if you add a third group of batteries, will face where to carry, nowhere to install the problem.

Second, a group of 48V/20A battery weighs about 36 pounds, a group of 36V/14A battery also has nearly 30 pounds of weight, if the electric car load 3 groups of batteries, the weight increased by about 100 pounds, if four groups, it is in 120 pounds to 150 pounds, this does not count the weight of people, you know the normal maximum load of ordinary electric car is 75kg, such overload operation, can only give waste energy, and can not increase the range of how much.
Thirdly, in this way, the climbing ability of the electric car will be greatly reduced. So the more ideal is a double battery pack, 3 groups or four groups of batteries does not make much sense.
And the consistency and balance of lithium iron phosphate batteries is poor, the need for special equalization circuit boards and special chargers, this aspect of domestic research progress is slow, mostly applied in high value-added industries, such as automotive, such as electric vehicles, the research progress is very slow, the large-scale application will take a few years.

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