Composition of electric bicycle


The electric bicycle mainly consists of charger, battery, controller, turnbuckle, gate, booster sensor, motor and other components.
electric bicycle
1, the charger is a device to replenish the battery with electrical energy, divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage mode.
2, two-stage charging mode: first constant voltage charging, charging current gradually decreases with the rise of the battery voltage, and after the battery power reaches a certain level, the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger, which is converted to trickle charging.
3, three-stage charging mode: constant current charging at the beginning of charging, quickly replenish energy to the battery; wait for the battery voltage to rise and then switch to constant voltage charging, the battery energy will slowly replenish and the battery voltage will continue to rise; when the charging voltage value of the charger is reached, switch to trickle charging to maintain the battery and supply the self-discharge current of the battery.

1, the controller is the component that controls the motor speed, with under-voltage, current-limiting or over-current protection functions.
2, the controller is the core component of the electric bicycle energy management and various control signal processing.
electric bicycle
1, the battery is to provide the energy of the electric bicycle with the energy, electric bicycle mainly uses lead-acid battery combination and nickel-hydrogen battery and lithium-ion battery.
2, the controller main control board is the main circuit of the e-bike, which has a large working current and will emit a large amount of heat.
3, electric bicycle should not be parked in the sun, and do not be exposed to rain for a long time, so as to avoid the controller failure.

Turnbuckle and gate
1, turnbuckle, gate is the signal input part of the controller.
2, the signal of the handlebar is the driving signal of the electric bicycle motor rotation.
electric bicycle
Power sensor
1, booster sensor is a device that detects the pedal force back to the pedal speed signal when the electric bicycle is in the booster state.
2, the center axis bilateral torque sensor is characterized by the ability to collect the left and right side of the pedal force, and the use of non-contact electromagnetic signal acquisition method, which improves the accuracy and reliability of signal acquisition.
electric bicycle
1, the most important accessory of an electric bicycle is the motor. The motor of an electric bicycle basically determines the performance and grade of this vehicle.

electric bicycle
2, most of the motors used in electric bicycles are high-efficiency rare earth permanent magnet motors, which are mainly divided into three types: high-speed brushed tooth + wheel gear motors, low-speed brushed motors and low-speed brushless motors.

The above is the introduction of the composition of electric bicycle. If you want to get more information about electric bicycle, you can also contact and consult us.

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