How to identify the quality of electric bicycle batteries? A few simple methods!


If you have friends who have been riding electric bikes for three years, I believe that you should have changed at least two to three batteries. So how to identify the quality of electric bicycle batteries? Let's take a look at the advice of an industry insider in Chengdu.

A few simple ways to check the quality of electric bicycle batteries
1, below the average wholesale market price of the battery firmly do not sell. In Chengdu at present, for example, $40 is a line, below this price of products, who sell who headache, there may be exceptions, but we have not dared to take the risk. Friends of the greatest losses are caused by these products, manufacturers did not make money, something happened to run away or change the name, a friend of mine almost closed for this reason.
2, did not go through more than 2 years of market testing of products, if blown very god, resolutely not sell, who sold who fell for.
3, no electric bicycle manufacturers with the car's battery is firmly not sold, have the courage to go to the big factory it.

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4, high-priced batteries, if not produced by a large factory, resolutely not sell, who do I find in trouble?
5, change the national standard size of the battery is resolutely not sold, there is certainly no production license, sooner or later, something will happen.
6, 5A discharge, 30 seconds when the voltage is higher than 12.68V resolutely do not sell, more than 90% is a short-lived battery, with this luck I will go to buy a lottery ticket.
The easiest way to detect the battery: 5A discharge, 30 seconds when the voltage is lower than 12.63, the first 3 minutes of the voltage does not drop but rise, the more it rises, the better the quality.

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Second, the professional battery testing methods
Here the industry also introduced us to some of the more professional methods of checking the battery good or bad: 1.
1, the battery will be fully charged, the battery, ammeter, resistance wire connected.
(1) Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of each battery and write down the value, while noting the time of discharge, adjust the resistance wire so that the ammeter pointer points at 5A.
(2) In the discharge process should keep the ammeter always on 5A, and measure the battery voltage every 20 minutes, and write down the measured value at the same time, when the voltage of a single battery drops to 10.5V, the discharge time should not be less than 84 minutes.
2、Battery internal disconnection
Some of the battery internal circuit break, manifested as a battery voltage without current, the whole car with electricity, the motor does not turn, such as a new set of batteries after replacement, the whole car is normal, it is the problem of the battery.

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3, the charger green light does not convert
When charging the charger green light does not convert, the charger green light when idle, the general situation is the battery internal water shortage or lack of dilute sulfuric acid, the battery cover open, screw down the one-way valve or safety valve, inject the appropriate amount of special supplemental liquid (5ml ~ 8ml) into the battery, charging 6-10 hours to convert.
4, electric bicycle range short
(1) detect whether there is a problem with the battery, if there is no problem, then detect the next item.
(2) detect whether the no-load current and running current are too large, no-load current should not exceed 1.2 amps, running current should not be greater than 7.5 amps when driving with a load of 75kg, 20km/h, flat concrete or tarmac, such as the above situation is to replace the controller or motor to test again.
(3) If the above are no problems, it is necessary to conduct a road test.
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I believe you read this industry insider introduced how to test the quality of the battery, or very rewarding, right?

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