How to prevent the loss of electric bicycles after purchase?

At present, there are more and more cars running on the road. With this, road congestion, environmental pollution, rising fuel costs, traffic accidents and other problems are drawing more and more attention. Recently, I have noticed a phenomenon that fewer colleagues and friends around me are driving, and more and more people are choosing to ride electric bicycles for work.

But in the communication, we all have the same feeling that using electric bikes brings us convenience but also certain troubles, especially the safety of electric bikes. So how to prevent the loss of electric bikes after purchase?
electric bike
I. Basic information
I use electric bicycle for a long time, two years has been replaced by four sets of batteries, theft of two cars, the loss of a lot of silver. In addition to once again denouncing the evil thieves, I have also strengthened a lot of anti-theft measures. Here by "easy to buy electric bicycle network", and share my prevention experience, I hope you do not repeat my mistakes.

Second, electric bicycle storage safety issues
I have been in their own downstairs bike garage storage of electric bicycles stolen, thieves can not be prevented. Local security agencies are also often theft of bicycles, electric vehicles, criminal acts of laissez-faire; more hateful is the price of stolen bicycles, electric vehicles often do not reach the internal security departments to develop the amount involved in the case, even if the theft, the owner is also at a loss.
electric bike
Three, how to prevent the loss of new cars after purchase
1, after parking the electric bicycle in the garage, the battery pack will be taken home or a safe place indoors, even if stolen, but also to reduce losses, and incidentally exercise.
electric bike
2、After parking, remember to lock the immobilizer before cutting off the power or removing the battery pack, even if the thief steals the vehicle and reconnects the power, it will cause trouble to it.

3, add some dark switch, such as breaking the total power supply, or break the signal of the turnbuckle, etc., the purpose, in case the electric door lock is opened can not ride away.
electric bike
4, mechanical security locks must be locked.

5, the alarm should not be powered by insurance or through an independent insurance power supply, in case the short-circuit method to get the alarm off duty.

6, the alarm is installed close to the location of the electric door lock, if someone moves the electric door lock, the alarm should be able to immediately ring. The alarm should not be powered by insurance or through an independent insurance supply.
electric bike
7, the alarm is best also connected in parallel with a horn to prevent strong magnetic "poison dumb" alarm.

8, the battery box, chargers, sockets and controllers on the car and other connectors of the wire sequence DIY, wire color also use the same color and thicken the core, so that it is different from the ordinary cars sold in the market. In this way, the thickened wire system can reduce the loss of increased mileage, and secondly, even if stolen, in the hustle and bustle will also cause the thieves to act in the wrong order and not get the desired effect, and it comes to a fish.
electric bike
9, the selection of locks is very important. And the lock method is also a bit delicate, chain lock is best to use the 8-word winding method on the tire around two turns, disc brake lock finally lock in the back position (crowbar is not convenient to pry the position), U-shaped lock is best not to touch the ground (the higher off the ground the better).

10, do not trust the electric door lock, as long as the thief, the electric door lock open and closed is a feeling.
electric bike
11, anti-theft remote control and the vehicle's electric door key do not put in the same string of keys, I am now the total electric door key alone, do not bolt together with the mechanical anti-theft lock, anti-theft remote control and anti-theft lock key carry with you, once the electric door key is lost, you can also turn the car on, in addition if the vehicle is controlled, confiscate the key, you can also take advantage of its not be opened with the remote control vehicle, slip away.

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