Is it better to have a lithium battery or a normal battery for an electric bike?

The so-called good and bad, is to see from which side, lithium battery technology, called for so many years to promote lithium batteries, but always a niche market, lead-acid batteries or the majority, according to some statistics, lithium car market ownership of no more than 10%. From the consumer's point of view, in line with personal needs is the good thing, regardless of what you high-tech or high-capacity

First, the technical content
Needless to say, lithium batteries are stronger than lead-acid batteries in many places, the same capacity, lithium battery volume less than 70% of lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries weigh less than 40% of lead-acid batteries, so lithium batteries can achieve a much longer range than lead-acid batteries. The charge and discharge cycle of lithium batteries is more than 600 times, relatively durable. Lead-acid battery itself is small capacity, large size, service life than lithium batteries is also much shorter, charge and discharge cycle has also decreased, the life is even shorter, generally with a little more than a year may be broken.
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Second, the price
Lithium battery price is about 2-3 times the lead-acid battery, the general lead-acid battery electric bicycle, battery replacement is a few hundred dollars, and lithium cars do not move to spend thousands of dollars, this for the average wage earner, is a considerable expense.
And lithium batteries have little recycling value, lead-acid batteries are broken, you can make up some money on the old for the new, so although lithium batteries have a long life, but compared to the recycling of lead-acid batteries, it really does not take up too much of a bargain.
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Third, reliability
Although the lithium battery capacity, but itself is too "lively", delicate, a little wind, may be broken, so the need for a reasonable battery management system, the temperature and vibration requirements. If the design is not good, or cell quality problems, or improper use, may cause a fire and explosion, for ordinary people, is indeed a scary thing. And lithium batteries also can not be discharged at high current, that is, the instantaneous output current can not be so large, so the advantages of power is not as obvious.
In contrast, lead-acid batteries in use, it seems that many people casually connected in series and parallel without major problems, if there is a drop in capacity, just add some water or repair, and the spirit up, and simply do not have to worry about what the fire and explosion (of course, overcharging may be a problem)
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Four, convenience
Buy no tram to ride, you can not expect to have to follow the ass of any engineer to help you service it, lead-acid batteries are broken, just buy batteries back to change it, at most is not far. And lithium batteries have differences in the management system of each family, bad, you really bad repair, this thing and dangerous, so often need to send back to the manufacturer to repair or replace, not to mention the cost of travel, the light delay, or a problem.
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V. Outlook
The people will be from the cost is to buy and sell products, lithium batteries can not dry lead-acid batteries, is to consider the reality of various factors after comparison. Look at those low-speed electric vehicles with lead-acid batteries, also very hot, the regular so-called new energy vehicles are not sold well, is also this reasoning, right.

However, after the new national standard has been listed, completely from the supply side to change the market, only the small size, light weight can be on the street, so lithium batteries should usher in a new phase of development.

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