My first time buying an electric bike the whole strategy

With traffic congestion and rising gas prices, many people now have the idea of buying an electric bike. Well, it is necessary to understand the product before buying something, otherwise it is not easy to buy the desired baby. Without further ado, here's my first time buying an electric bike.
First, we must first look at the Internet, the initial understanding
The first step is to understand the famous brands, types and price range of electric bikes. This step is mainly to some of the better electric bikes online to see, as well as to colleagues and friends asked.

However, not many colleagues and friends buy e-bikes, and what they know is mainly about the specific models they use or have used, which may not be the same as the current market due to the long time. So it is necessary to look online. The main reason we go online is to find out about the mainstream brands of bicycles, what models are available, and what the price range is. This will give us an idea of what to look for when we buy a bike.
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I think the quality of the products with a brand name is not too bad, after all, there is money to advertise, which means there is still some strength, not to mention how much money the company spends on product development, but at least the things they make are relatively speaking not too cut corners. Less a jerry-built parts, for electric bicycles as a means of transportation, we consumers will be more than one point of life safety protection is not?

In addition, the brand goods after-sales service will be relatively good, here I will not list, you can search the query.
As for the type of each family also has a variety of models, their own style, their different designs. But I think the most intuitive classification related to our consumers is that the large, small, foldable. The big one is the kind of model is relatively large, can take people or bring some goods what the family car; small is the kind of relatively small and good-looking, do walking tools can, if you want to take something to the supermarket or take a personal kind of more difficult; foldable as the name suggests.
These three categories inside the business and divided into a variety of model categories and so on, such as axle drive, axle drive or something, I think they have their own advantages and disadvantages at the same time is also a chew, so according to personal preference to choose.
electric bike
Second, ready to buy
Next, I'll introduce the most important points to understand and focus on when buying an electric bike. Motor, battery, mileage, these are the ones we usually care about the most, so you must have a general understanding before buying.
The motor is the most important car, but also more durable, not much to worry about. Motor according to the working voltage can be divided into 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, currently 36V, 48V mostly. The motor with high voltage will rotate faster, and thus the speed will be faster.
electric bike
The battery is the most important thing to pay attention to when you buy an electric bike, the battery directly affects the use of the car. At present, the main power source used in electric bicycles is lead-acid batteries, and some electric bicycles have started to use nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium-ion batteries and so on.

But the affordable battery is still lead-acid battery. Battery life is related to many factors, such as daily use, charging habits, charger conditions, etc. The average life expectancy is about 18 months, many businesses say it can be used for two years, but in fact the battery warranty is only one year, and after one year, it is obvious that the performance of the battery is declining.
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The price of the battery pack is not cheap, generally replace a set of about 500, so when you buy a car, be sure to recognize the brand of the battery. Brand battery quality is guaranteed to use a relatively long time, but also more stable.

In addition, we need to pay special attention to the car fully charged can run the mileage, at present, electric bicycles have a maximum range of the problem, generally 30 km ~ 50 km. So, before you buy one, make sure you do what you often ride, calculate the distance, and see if the electric bike can run to.
electric bike
If we assume that we are riding an electric bicycle to and from work, the formula for calculating the maximum range is: Maximum range >= Total distance to and from work * 1.5. Electric bicycles are divided into 24V/12Ah, 36V/12Ah, 48V/20Ah, etc. according to the battery pack used.

Among them, the maximum driving range of 24V/12Ah battery pack is 25km-30km, which can meet the needs of users with a daily commuting distance of 15km or less. Users with more than 15km should choose 36V/12Ah battery pack or 48V/20Ah battery pack, which can run about 55km in a new car.
electric bike
When looking for information online, if there is a model of the car you like, you can search online specifically for this model of the car and see the evaluation and introduction of other users. Of course, there will be some of these are the sales of the car businessmen pretending that the netizens are in the king's wife selling melon, there are also competitors of the slander, not to be disbelieved and not all believe, selective look.

Then, we can go to the store to take a look according to preferences, the store has existing cars, you can look at the models in more detail to compare. In the case of understanding the above indicators, to prevent being deceived by unscrupulous businessmen, exaggerating the performance of the car to you.
Then ask carefully about the indicators and features of the car, and the salesman will introduce them in great detail. Then ask questions based on the advantages and disadvantages mentioned online to confirm that you will be able to have a more accurate understanding of the car.
electric bike
As the saying goes, compare the price of the car with that of the other three stores, and check out the model and configuration of the car, as well as the price. After these preparations, if there is a car that you like, then you can get it.

Third, start buying, but pay attention to a few points.
The next step is to decide to shell out the money, but when shelling out the money to pick up the car, but also pay attention to the following points to select the bicycle attention.
1, electric bicycle each fastening screw nuts should be screwed tight, shall not be loose and off.
electric bike
2, the rotating parts should be flexible, there should be no jamming, stiff phenomenon. For example: the front and rear wheels should rotate flexibly, and should not swing left and right and jump up and down, and the wheels should be able to do a light swing back and forth when it is about to stop, and not suddenly stop rotating. The handlebars should rotate flexibly and freely, and the pedal shaft and crank should be tightened and not loose from each other, and rotate flexibly.

3、The gear shift should be correct within the gear shift range, the gear shift position should be clear, and there should not be a neutral gear in the middle.

4、The chain should be loose and tight, and run flexibly. Repeatedly shake the crank sprocket by hand in the forward and reverse direction, the chain should be flexible and should not jump or fall off.
electric bike
5、Grip the front and rear part of the saddle with both hands, and press down the front of the saddle with one hand, the front of the saddle shall not collapse. Then use both hands to turn the saddle horizontally, and the saddle should not turn.

6, brake and brake system selection: hold the handlebar with both hands, respectively, left and right brake while pushing and pulling the bike back and forth, the wheel should not turn; release the handle, the brake system should be able to quickly reset.

7, the surface of the parts should be clean, no stains, rust, trademark decals should be intact, clear, no sharp edges burrs, etc., such as the mud board and chain cover edge should not feel tied, brakes and other steel rope end should be equipped with a protective cover, etc.
electric bike
8, observe the brand or label of the parts. Generally speaking, good parts are marked with obvious trademark markings and patterns are clear and exquisite, while inferior products are rarely marked or rougher.

Fourth, note
In addition to the above points, I will give you a few more nagging, should also pay attention to the following points.
1, each part of the switch action sensitive and reliable.

2, speed regulation is smooth and reliable. Slowly turn the speed control handle, the motor should be smooth start, acceleration, release the handle, the handle can be quickly reset, the motor even deceleration.
electric bike
3、Brake power off quickly and reliably. Turn the speed control handle, the motor running, pinch the brake after the brake, the motor can immediately power off, such as the power display, you can see the display back to zero.

4、The battery is easy to disassemble. The weight of the lead-acid battery is generally about 13.5kg, and since it has to be disassembled and installed every day, the battery must be positioned to fit your figure.
electric bike
After all the checks are satisfied, you can ride your beloved electric bike home.

V. Final Summary.
I heard that some of my friends are planning to buy second-hand electric bikes, I personally recommend that you do not buy second-hand electric bikes. Because all things second-hand are for connoisseurs to play, electric bikes are also, and second-hand electric bikes are not cheap, not connoisseurs, second-hand or do not touch easily, most will suffer losses.

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