Standards for electric bicycle requirements

The electric bicycle is a mechatronic personal transportation system that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of an ordinary bicycle and is equipped with a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar gate and other manipulation parts and a display instrumentation system.
electric bicycle
The 4 national standards of electric bicycle
1, must have pedals to achieve human riding.
2, the maximum design speed is not greater than 25km/h.
3, the overall vehicle mass is not greater than 55kg.
4, motor output power is not greater than 400w.
electric bicycle
Requirements of electric vehicles
1, the maximum speed: should not be greater than 25km / h.
2, the overall vehicle mass: not greater than 55kg.
3, pedal driving ability: must have good pedal riding function, 30min pedal driving distance should be not less than 7km.
4, range: the range after a charge should be not less than 25km.
5, motor power: rated continuous output power should be no greater than 400W.
6, 100km electricity consumption: electric power consumption should be no greater than 1.21KWH (degrees) for 100km of electric riding.
7, braking performance: the highest speed (20km / h) electric riding, the dry state braking distance should not be greater than 4m, the wet state braking distance should not be greater than 15m.
electric bicycle
Electric bicycle precautions
1, electric bicycle speed can not be too fast.
2, electric car shed can not be installed at will.
3, abide by traffic rules and do not run red lights.
4, riding electric bicycle as far as possible not to carry people, can not be overloaded.
5, it is strictly forbidden to continue riding when the indicator shows under-voltage.
6, electric bicycle just start, climbing, overload should try to help.
Electric bicycle with battery as auxiliary energy, with two wheels, can realize the human riding, electric or electric-assisted function of the special bicycle.
electric bicycle
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