There are tricks to waterproofing electric bicycles

As we all know from living in the south, electric bikes need to be protected in the summer due to the weather. Not only do they need to pay attention when charging, but they also need to pay attention when they are placed outdoors, and they are afraid of direct sunlight and rain, so it is simply painful to store electric bikes in summer. Recently, it has been a rainy season in many places, so will the batteries of electric bicycles get water in the rainy days? If the battery into the water how to deal with it?
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For safety reasons, most of our electric bicycles are charged outdoors, so it is inevitable that the electric bicycle will encounter rainy weather, and the impact of the rain, the battery will inevitably be affected by moisture, into the rain. When the battery enters the rain, we generally have three ways to simply deal with it.

First, if the battery is soaked in water, it needs to be dried before charging
Under normal circumstances, electric bicycles in the production of waterproof measures will be taken, so under normal circumstances, electric bicycles are wet by the rain does not matter, but this does not mean that electric bicycles can be in the accumulation of deep rain at will through. So here also remind the majority of owners, in the rainy day when the electric bicycle battery is wet, do not immediately charge, must put the car into the vent, fully dried before charging.
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Second, the controller into the water, easy to cause a short circuit out of control
Electric bicycle in the rain, once the controller into the water, will lead to motor reversal, if the electric bicycle is wet, you can remove the controller, dry the water inside, and then blow dry it, and then installed on it. Note that after installation, you should wrap it in a plastic bag, which can increase the waterproof ability.
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Third, do not force riding when encountering waterlogged roads
When the electric bicycle encounter water sections, due to the resistance of water is very large, it is easy to lose balance, in case of water flow top open the manhole cover, it is more dangerous, so in the encounter of water pavement, the best way is to choose to push.
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So for better travel, good handling, is the key to safe riding, and at the same time, when purchasing a car or changing batteries, it is best to also buy a battery or e-bike with better waterproof performance.

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