Which is better, an electric bike or a light motorcycle? What are the differences?

Is a light bike a motorcycle or a booster? Is it the same kind of vehicle as an electric bike? If not, which is better, an electric bike or a light motorcycle? What is the difference? I will make a comparison between electric bicycle and moped for you.

A. E-bikes and mopeds are not the same kind of car
The real light ride is a motorcycle trademark, but now there are many people call the so-called bicycle light ride, in fact, the bicycle is burning gasoline, electric bicycle is driven by electric battery, they are completely different.
electric bike
Motorcycles are the fastest, best quality performance, but need to do the license and license, the cost is higher; poor quality, cheap, as to whether to license there is no uniform rules, to the local policy shall prevail, speed and carrying capacity is also higher than the electric bicycle; and electric bicycle basically do not need to do any formalities, the shortest driving distance, the slowest speed, the smallest amount of load, but the purchase and use of the lowest cost But the purchase and use costs are the lowest.
electric bike
Second, the difference between electric bicycle and light motorcycle
1. In terms of price, the basic e-bike is less expensive than a motorcycle, while the luxury e-bike is about the same price as a regular motorcycle.

2. In terms of speed: The difference in driving speed between electric bicycles and motorcycles is not much, but a little faster. According to the regulations, the maximum speed is 40 km/h for e-bikes and 50 km/h for scooters, which is considered speeding.
electric bike
3. License: Both e-bikes and scooters need to be licensed, but scooters need to take the F-license, attend annual audits and pay road fees, while e-bikes do not.

4. Cost comparison: In addition to fuel consumption, the main cost of the motorcycle is maintenance (oil change, air filter change, spark plug change, brake skin change) and annual inspection, annual audit, and payment of road fees. The main cost of an electric bicycle is battery charging.
electric bike
5. Scrapping: Light motorcycles are subject to mandatory scrapping when they expire, while e-bikes are not.

6. Driving roads: On urban roads, both e-bikes and mopeds can only be driven on non-motorized roads.
electric bike
7. Transfer costs: Light motorcycles have to be transferred to the DMV for transfer procedures, while e-bikes do not.

In summary: compared with light motorcycles, the advantages of electric bicycles are: small investment, low noise, no tailpipe pollution, easy maintenance, no need for certification, simple transfer, and maintenance fees. I personally think: as a means of urban mobility, electric bicycles are more suitable.

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