5 tips on how to stay safe while riding an electric bike with a baby


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It is a very pleasant thing to take the children on a bicycle. This is also a good way for children to fall in love with bicycles and other sports, which can help them develop good habits and form a strong personality from an early age. However, there are many things to be aware of when traveling with children. Because children are too young and not strong enough, they cannot ride alone and are easily injured. Let's continue with the previous blog about how to choose the right one among 3 different child seats. In this article, we will teach you how to stay safe when carrying a baby electric bike. Follow the five tips below to enjoy a pleasant and safe bicycle trip with your child!
Don't ride with babies

Since babies under 12 months are too young to sit firmly in the seat, it is best not to ride with babies under 1 year old. If you have special needs for safety reasons, it is best to put them in the front seat of your child to better take care of them. Remember not to put the baby on the backpack or back seat, in case of an accident, you may not notice it in time. For children over 2 years old, we recommend placing it in the back seat. If they are placed on the front seat of a child, the bicycle will become unbalanced and block the view, which will bring many potential dangers. .

Choose your child's bicycle seat

Choosing a high-quality child seat will protect your child's safety to the greatest extent. A child seat with high safety performance must have a seat belt buckle that cannot be easily unlocked by a child, so that the child will not easily fall off the seat. In addition, our eyesight will be very short on dark nights and cloudy days. Therefore, a bright reflective strip must be placed on the back of the child seat to attract the attention of people behind. The protective pedals on both sides are also important to prevent children's feet from being caught by the wheels. Last but not least, it is best to choose a seat that is easy to install and remove, and you can use it at any time. You might think that child seats that meet all the above advantages are expensive. However, the Himiway bicycle child rear seat can provide you with everything at a relatively cheap price and ensure that your child rides safely and comfortably.

Wear a children's bicycle helmet

Helmets have always been an important power tool to protect the safety of riders. There are many types of helmets on the market, and we have discussed how to choose an electric bicycle helmet. Riders need to wear helmets to protect their heads, while children need to wear light helmets specially designed for them, and the helmets must meet the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). The inner filling material should be as soft and breathable as foam, because a baby's head is more fragile than an adult's. Believe me, an electric bicycle helmet is definitely an investment for you and can sometimes save your life.

Cycling track

If you plan to take your baby to ride a bicycle, it is recommended that you ride in a quiet place where there are no people or cars, such as a dedicated bicycle lane or park, away from busy and noisy roads, and avoid sharing the lane with others. Vehicles and pedestrian vehicles. Before determining the route, please check whether the lane allows level 2 electric bicycles. In addition, do not carry your child on rugged mountain trails or on the mountain, because the weight change of the bicycle may cause you to lose your balance and fall. Except riding on a safe street, do not ride in bad weather. Hot weather may make your child heatstroke, and a bad cold may make your child catch a cold. When traveling by bicycle, remember to reduce the speed of the electric bicycle as much as possible. Too fast will cause the bicycle to vibrate, the child will feel unwell, and may cause a traffic accident. Always pay attention to road conditions and be more careful than usual. This is good for you and your children.

Apply sunscreen to your child

Babies’ skin is usually very fragile, so if you ride outdoors for a long time in summer or when the weather is clear, remember to apply sunscreen to your baby to avoid sunburn. Do not use adult sunscreen because it may irritate the baby's skin. If necessary, please wear goggles or children’s sunglasses, because direct sunlight may harm their eyes. Please take precautions before departure to prevent heat stroke, and bring enough water and heat stroke medicine for emergencies.

Well, if you want to spend a great bike trip with your baby, just follow the 5 tips we mentioned above. To reiterate, we do not recommend riding with children under 12 months. If necessary, remember to place them on the front seats within sight. Don't forget to put on safety helmets for yourself and your child, just in case a head accident occurs.


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