7 Tips on Locking Your Electric Bike Properly

electric bike properly

7 tips for properly locking an electric bike
Whether it's a cheap commuter you are proud of or the person who gets you to and from get off work, the worst news is that thieves will always see your electric bike as an attractive target. At the same time, what we must know is that in recent years, electric bicycle locking technology is booming in the market to protect your electric bicycle. However, it is reported that an average of nearly 100 thefts occur every day in the United States. Learning how to lock an electric bicycle correctly is the basic way to prevent bicycle thieves.

Therefore, here are some principles of locking an electric bike that you should keep in mind.

Select the busy area covered by CCTV.
Once you decide to put your electric bike somewhere, you should remember an old proverb: danger is everywhere. This means that you cannot guarantee that the safety of an electric bike is 100%, but you can reduce the ratio and make the thief very confused.

Pedestrians, vehicles, and sophisticated shops are scattered in densely populated areas, such as Uptown New York. To protect them, CCTV must be used. In this case, your electric bicycle will also be monitored in every corner and every corner. Even if it is stolen, it is more likely to be recovered.

On the other hand, compared with countless people, cars and other electric bikes, your electric bike here will never be the obvious target. If the thief behaves suspiciously, he will be the smartest star.

Lock the electric bicycle to an immovable object.
If you are a potential thief, how would you choose the next among bicycles, bicycles, cars and trucks? Of course, you will choose the simplest one. Most bicycles and electric bicycles are very light and are not equipped with anti-theft devices and GPS. Therefore, they can take it away without cracking it. It happens more than you think.

The way to lock an electric bicycle to a stationary object is to travel, for example, trees, fire hydrants or public railings. Nothing can guarantee a certain level of security, but the more trouble a thief encounters, the less loss it will lose.

Buy a quality electric bike lock.
Although no lock can ensure that your bicycle is parked where you left off, it is still necessary to spend the thief's time to break the lock. Generally, ordinary bicycles and electric bicycles use D locks and U locks. However, as mentioned earlier, more technologies have been inserted into the lock industry, and more defensive locks designed for expensive electric bicycles have emerged.

Based on experience, it is recommended to use U-shaped locks, chain locks, link locks and folding locks. Currently, GOSEN is selling chain locks in the online store. You can buy a gift as a gift for your family. If you want to go further, you can definitely use the reliability level of electric bicycle locks as a reference.

The classification is as follows.

Diamond lock: Provide the highest security for ultra-high-value bicycles and electric bicycles.
Golden Lock: For high-value bicycles, it provides the second highest safety.
Silver lock: a compromise between security and cost.
Bronze lock: usually used to defend against thieves of opportunity.

This is a simplified form for you to choose the appropriate level lock.

Electric bicycle lock classification table

*Excerpt from Best Bike Lock.

Lock the rear wheels and frame.
When locking, please remember the triangle ruler. Make sure your lock does pass through the triangle of the frame, not the seatpost, so that it can slide easily. You may laugh, but it does happen.

You should also consider other parts of the bike that are not secured by locks. For an electric bicycle with a hub motor, the rear wheel is the key to the operation of the bicycle. If it is not difficult to remove the wheel, try to pass the lock through the rear wheel as well.

It is impossible to ride an electric bike home without wheels and motors, which is embarrassing.

As for the rear wheel or the front wheel, it depends technically on it. If a cable lock is used, either the front panel or the rear panel can work normally. However, if the recommended U-lock is used, it is almost impossible to lock the front wheel and the frame together. So I tell you to lock the rear wheel and frame.

Use 2 locks to lock the electric bicycle.
Even if they put in a lot of effort to protect it, some people still worry about their precious electric bicycles. The best advice is also the most obvious advice. If 1 lock is not suitable for you, try using 2 locks.

Unless you lock it on different parts, 2 locks are not double locking. As mentioned earlier, the first lock can be locked on your rear wheel and frame. If you still remember the triangle, run the second lock through the frame and the front wheels so that all wheels can be locked.

Do not leave Ebike accessories.
I bet that if you put the accessories on the electric bicycle and leave it in a public place for more than 3 hours, you will not

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