5 "bad habits" of electric bicycle charging

Electric bicycle as a very convenient short-distance means of transportation, has the advantages of affordable, simple and easy to learn, but at the same time there is poor range, the need for frequent charging shortcomings, if not charged in a timely manner, in the middle of the way without power is really called daily, called the ground does not work, so, charging has become the most important part of the daily use of electric bicycles, but, there are many people charging but have "bad habits", today to organize, those who not only hurt the car but also dangerous charging habits, the majority of owners to tell it.

1、Pull the wire charging
With the introduction of the provisions of the electric bicycle ban on the floor, many owners use another trick to pull the wire directly under the building to electric bicycle charging, this behavior is strictly prohibited by the relevant departments, once checked, there will be the implementation of very severe penalties.
electric bicycle
Because pulling charging, wires and plugs are exposed to the outdoors, after the wind and sun, the line once the aging problem, it will lead to a short distance to trigger very serious consequences, very dangerous.

2, after riding the car immediately charging
This habit must be eliminated, because after riding the electric bicycle, the battery itself because of the driving produces a lot of heat, if immediately charged, the battery will appear to lose water, resulting in shortening the battery life.

3、Charge your electric bike when you're done with it
Many owners, as soon as the electric bicycle is over, will charge it, this behavior is also undesirable, the battery charge and discharge times are limited, regular charging will lead to short battery life.
electric bicycle
However, electric bikes do not run out of energy before charging, this will also make the electric bike power loss, will also lead to damage, the correct way to charge, should be the battery there is a residual charge of 20% to 30% of the time charging.

4、Charging with fast charging devices
Now there are fast charging stations in the streets and alleys, which seems to be convenient for the majority of owners of charging problems, but in fact, if the electric bicycle often use fast charging, will lead to battery water loss and even bulging, of course, if the occasional emergency use, and will not have an impact.
electric bicycle
5、Use mismatched chargers
Many users have more than one electric bicycle at home, the charger will also be several, when charging the electric bicycle to take a hand to use, but if the electric bicycle so mixed with mismatched chargers, it is likely to cause spontaneous combustion safety risks, the charger must be dedicated to the car, preferably the original charger, if the original damage should also go to a professional store to buy a matching charger.

The most core components of electric bicycles is the battery, and the length of use of the battery, in addition to its own brand, quality has a relationship, and charging methods are directly related, you owners try to change some charging "bad habits", so that the battery can be used for a longer time.

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