5 points to note when buying an electric bike online! Reading and buying can help you

Recently there are more and more friends who buy electric bikes online, so what should I pay attention to when I buy an electric bike online? How to avoid being fooled by online shopping?

Point 1: Buy a factory direct car
Recently, I heard that many people have been cheated in buying electric bicycles online, so please be careful. If you do not have a special grasp, it is best to buy the car directly from the manufacturer. Because the factory direct sales are not personal, more secure, online stores will always do, but personal? Maybe one day they won't do it, who will you find? Or that, can not take, buy the manufacturer's better. Then do not feel comfortable with Baidu factory location, and then look at the location of this online store is where there are many wearing the manufacturer's hat everywhere waving.
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Point 2: To buy with real or close-up pictures
There are also online shopping for electric bikes, don't just for the sake of small cheap, thus ignoring the workmanship of the electric bike. Generally, online electric bikes have actual pictures, so look for the ones with close-ups, because that can clearly see the construction, material and workmanship of the car. Don't look at a picture and buy it, it may be PS, and you can't see what's on it. So close-ups and clear photos must be seen.
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Point 3: Pay attention to the service
When you buy an electric bike online, the configuration, quality and service of the electric bike are important. Good configuration to have good quality, good quality to have good service, three good is really good. In particular, many small and medium-sized brands of electric bicycles are actually of good quality, but ignore the service. After the purchase, the manufacturer does not even have a basic customer service, resulting in making consumers very dissatisfied.
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Point 4, online shopping electric bicycle precautions point 4: do not simply superstitious star endorsement
On the issue of brand names, we are very confused, deliberately go after the brand, such as celebrity endorsement, etc., are big stars, a year of light endorsement fees on tens of millions, but the final money who to pay it? It's not the people who buy the electric bikes. So when you buy an electric bike, you don't have to be particularly superstitious about the image of the star, or else there's always a bit of money that's flattened out for advertising.
electric bike
Point 5: Don't add or subtract configurations at will
The last point to note when buying an electric bike online is: don't add or subtract configurations at will. The general manufacturers are not to change the configuration, because the car is after the technical staff to test again and again, and finally these accessories in this car without any problems, so that the factory, so the manufacturers of each car configuration generally will not change.

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