7 basic knowledge of the safe use of electric bicycles

In order to protect you and your car's safety, please keep in mind the following 7 tips for safe use of electric bikes to do safe travel.
When people use electric bicycles, sometimes it is easy to ignore some basic safety operations: for example, to drive lights at night (mainly not to get cold, but so that others can see you), don't always be lazy to overcharge (easy to explode and catch fire) ...... In addition to this, you should also pay attention to the following 7 points of common sense of electric vehicle driving safety. Keep in mind that these electric bicycle safety tips will greatly protect you and your car's safety.
1, the battery of the electric bicycle preferred lithium battery. Its advantages are large capacity, less self-consumption, less pollution (the disadvantage is more expensive); followed by lead-acid dry battery, its advantages of good sealing, not easy to leak electrolyte, but the disadvantage is also very obvious: easy to pollution. When you use the lead-acid dry battery, be careful of pollution, corrosion and injury caused by electrolyte leakage.
2、Beware of high voltage. There are some electric bicycle power supply voltage reaches even higher than 36 volts, more than the safe voltage threshold, prone to electrocution accidents, so be extra careful.
3, often check the circuit plugging points. Prevent poor contact, causing contact, contact firing, heating; avoid the aging of the line, wear and tear and cause iron short circuit, series of electrical accidents.
4, do not charge in a confined space. When charging the electric car, certain poor quality batteries sometimes run out of flammable gas, so charging must not be in the storage room, basement and other narrow, sealed environment to prevent the production of explosive gas mixture.
5、Beware of long-term charging at night. If your charger is of poor quality or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is often very high and can easily cause a fire, so do not take it lightly when charging the battery at night during sleep time.
6, climbing or start to beware. In the start, climbing hills should be pedal to help prevent excessive starting current, long overload work, causing overheating of motor coils, lines, battery and governor damage, and even disasters.
7, do not grab the line. "Easy to buy" to remind everyone: your electric bicycle speed is not fast, and can not be compared with motor vehicles when starting. So you must be careful and safe when crossing the intersection, do not rush, so as to ensure your attention to safety.

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