80% of people do not know the electric bike "cold knowledge"


There are many people who ride bicycles, but there are not many people who know about bicycles, but do you really understand the "cold knowledge" of electric bicycles?

Must the battery be recharged when the power is used up?
The life of a lead-acid battery is related to the number of times it can be charged and discharged. The number of times an ordinary maintenance-free lead-acid battery can be cycled is limited.

What is the black arrow on the electric car tire?
The black arrow indicates that you should install the tires in the direction indicated by the arrow when replacing the tires, if installed in the opposite direction, it will accelerate the wear and tear of the tires, reduce the braking distance and even lead to accidents.

Does the self-repairing fluid for electric car tires work?
The biggest role of the tire repair fluid is to plug the vacuum tire wound, generally applicable to the small break below 1 cm, the break is too big is not much effect. In addition, if the tire and rim are soaked in chemical liquid for a long time, it will cause chemical damage.

Are there self-generating electric bikes?
The so-called self-generating electric bicycles on the market are all a sham. According to the law of conservation of energy, an external force or another energy must be applied to generate electricity. If an electric bicycle can generate electricity, it means that it has a small power generation device on it.

Why can the tires of electric bicycle go on the pegboard?
This situation is mostly seen in the business product demonstration link. The main reason why tires rolling over nails are not bad is two: one is that the nails are very dense and form a certain area; the other is that the nail heads are not sharp. The people in the daily riding or to pay attention to avoid nails stuck to the tires.

Battery repair can extend the life of the battery?
Battery repair can only solve a small part of the problem, such as the battery is only water loss, sulfation passivation, it is possible to repair, but if the battery is seriously bulging, deformation, or the battery pole plate lead powder is seriously off, and then try to repair is impossible to achieve.

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