A good helper for new car owners, TESGO car inflatable pump perfect solution to travel problems

When the car tire pressure is not enough, it will wear out the tires, leading to tire deformation and eventually a flat tire. As a person who has passed the theory part of the driving license with a perfect score, I remember some examples of flat tires too well, so after buying a car, the first thing I did was to get a car inflator pump. Now that I have become an old driver, I know a lot about car inflators, and I recently received a TESGO car inflator, so let's take a look at its performance with me.

The packaging is very simple, black-based box, the front is the front view of the car inflatable pump, the four corners are the logo, colorful lights, lithium battery car inflatable pump and some simple description. On the back is the main parameters and manufacturer's information, this is still a patented product, the style is very high, see this information, the heart is very reassuring.

The "black box" is the main body, the inflatable pump, as well as the inflatable tube, cigarette lighter cable, Type-C charging cable and air nozzle, this is all the equipment.
inflatable pump
TESGO car inflatable pump has two colors, black and white, I like this black or white design, after all, is a straight male aesthetics, think black and white are versatile color, I received the black model, is also very satisfied.

Inflatable pump weight of only 0.74kg, also equipped with a silicone handle, lift very light. Inflatable pump above the LED digital display touch screen, you can direct contact control operation. The display includes tire pressure, tire pressure settings and buttons for adjusting tire pressure, each of which is clearly displayed. At the top edge, there is a circle of lights, which is written on the packaging dazzling light, in the inflation and tire pressure measurement, the pressure is different, the color of this circle of lights will be different. There is also a rubber anti-shock foot pad at the bottom, as well as the metal inflatable mouth.

These are the parameters of the inflatable pump, next, let's start using it.

Tire pressure measurement
The normal tire pressure of a car is between 2.1BAR and 2.6BAr. As long as the tire pressure is in this range, the light band at the top edge will show a soft green color. If the tire pressure is lower than 2.1BAR, the tire pressure is low and the light band will turn yellow; if the tire pressure is between 2.6BAR and 3.1BAR, the tire pressure is high and the light band is orange; if the tire pressure is too high and greater than 3.1BAR, the tire pressure is too high.
For newcomers, you can judge the tire pressure situation by the color change, the inflation is more clear.
inflatable pump
Inflation process
A small car inflatable pump, the use of a wide range. First of all, it can inflate cars, SUVs, motorcycles and bicycles. The default is a snap-on nozzle, when connected to the car tire is very solid, but also presented with other nozzles, used to inflatable toys such as motorcycles, bicycles, balls, particularly practical.
Then look at the inflatable effect. It is a pure metal cylinder, with high-performance pure copper motor, rather than the traditional plastic pump. The pure copper motor is very powerful, providing 120W of powerful power, up to 16,500 revolutions per minute, inflatable flow rate of up to 25L per minute, and can soon be charged to the preset tire pressure of 2.5BAR. In the charging process, also do not feel the heat of the situation, the previous use of inflatable pump, a heat I will panic, afraid that the inflatable pump will break down.

Temperature sensing function
We know that in winter, the car tire pressure should be slightly higher, and in summer the tire pressure should be slightly lower, mainly because the outside temperature is different, the pressure is different, so the car tire pressure should be properly adjusted to adapt to the outside temperature. tesgo has a temperature sensor inside this car inflator pump, it can generate the appropriate tire pressure standard according to the model and ambient temperature, so we are more confident when inflating. If I had met an inflator with this function when I was a novice, I would have been less apprehensive about driving on the road.
inflatable pump
Large 12V battery
TESGO car inflatable pump uses a lithium battery, the battery voltage is up to 12V, no wonder it provides a strong power. It has a power indicator light on the surface, so you can judge whether there is power according to the indicator light, and then charge it through the Type-C data cable, and connect the cigarette lighter in the car to get it done. Big energy small body, storage is particularly convenient, just into the storage box in my trunk, where to go to bring where it is very convenient.
inflatable pump
Use evaluation
This car inflatable pump from accessories to function, every place is perfect and thoughtful. Because it is equipped with a variety of nozzles, so I do not only inflate the car, children's inflatable toys can also be used, mountain bikes can also be used, especially convenient. It is also really fast inflation efficiency, such as 2.5 BAR tire pressure is the most suitable, TESGO car inflatable pump can quickly get done, to reach the preset tire pressure, super fast.

And what I like most is that it can monitor the temperature and then give me a suitable tire pressure data. Although I am an old driver now, this kind of professional and exact data can still put my mind at ease. Especially for some new drivers, such a comprehensive and thoughtful car inflator pump, is very practical.

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