A list of the six best electric bikes in the world, powerful for a reason!


Electric bicycles can help you reach your destination faster, and you can easily enjoy the scenery you like. They also have several types, including fat tire bicycles and mountain bikes. So, which brand of electric bicycle is better? Enter our list of the top ten best electric bicycle brands below and find the best electric bicycle you like!
1. TESGO Hummer-S Electric Folding Fat Bike
Price: $1499
-Bicycle pre-assembly
-Adjustable height, suitable for teenagers and adults
-Up to 40 miles per charge
TESGO Hummer-S caters to the needs of commuters and urban riders. As a commuter, you may need to put your bicycle in a small space. Hummer-S is compact enough to fold up to take the subway, install it in a compact car, and even put it in a place to hide under a desk. Fully electric bicycles can travel 15.5 miles per charge. The battery indicator on the handlebar lets you know how much power is left. You need to give it four to five hours of charging time.
This bike weighs 37 pounds and is pre-assembled, so all you need to do is unpack the bike and set off to ride. With functions such as folding handlebars, pedals and frame, you can quickly and easily reduce the bike to a more manageable size.

best electric bikes
2. TESGO Q5 Electric Folding Fat bike
Price: $1,299
-21-speed Shimano gear system
-Quick release of battery and front wheel
-Equipped with three pedal assist modes
This electric bicycle brand is ready to adapt to changing weather, and it is safe to ride even in the rain, so there is no need to end the fun due to precipitation. The battery is completely sealed to increase the protection of the components.
Both the battery and the front wheels are released quickly. The bicycle is not fully assembled, but it can be assembled in five minutes or less. In terms of performance, you can expect up to 28 miles. It takes four to six hours to charge the battery. A 250-watt brushless motor powers the bicycle.
This electric mountain bike can travel at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and is suitable for units and even most ramps. The 21-speed Shimano gear system provides additional assistance. You can also take advantage of low, medium and high assist modes. It is also equipped with 26-inch Kenda tires and disc brakes to provide reliable braking force.
When fully assembled, the bike weighs 47 pounds, and the maximum use weight is 220 pounds. This electric bike is best for riders who stand at least 5 feet 4 inches and are at least 14 years old. The seat can be adjusted within four inches.

best electric bikes
3.TESGO A6 Electric Mountain Bike
Price: $1,199
-Equipped with LED headlights
-High-strength carbon steel frame
-Can be used in two different modes
The TESGO A6 electric bicycle is specially designed for riders. This bike is designed for cruising and can travel 30 to 45 miles per charge. A 350-watt brushless gear motor allows you to reach speeds of 25 miles per hour. You need to let the battery charge between four and six hours. The Shimano six-speed transmission is perfect for riding around town.
The front V-brake and rear expansion brake can provide reliable braking force when needed. There are two working modes. Choose an electric bike when you want to cruise, or choose an assisted bike mode when you are ready to exercise. You can also combine these two modes. The bicycle is equipped with a horn and bright LED lights.
This bicycle weighs 59 pounds and has a load capacity of 250 pounds. It is also equipped with a high-strength carbon steel frame. The height of the saddle can be adjusted to suit riders of various sizes. Includes a locking bracket.

best electric bikes
4.TESGO A8 Electric Mountain Fat Bike
Price: $1399
-Powerful 350 watt hub drive motor
-Five pedal assist levels
-Front and rear disc brakes
TESGO A8 is an electric bicycle suitable for riding. This city cruiser is equipped with a 500-watt hub drive motor and a single-speed power transmission system. There are five unique pedal assist levels, enough to meet the needs of most urban cycling. Its powerful motor can help this bicycle cruise at 20 miles per hour.
In terms of battery life, you can expect the battery to reach 45 miles per charge. You need to give the battery about 6 hours to fully charge it. The front and rear disc brakes provide additional braking power when needed.
This bike is equipped with puncture-proof tires, giving you peace of mind. Available in small, medium and large frame sizes. Other urban cycling features include an LED display and thumb pad controller for quick and reliable gear shifting.

best electric bikes
5. TESGO Strength Electric Folding Fat Bike
Price: US$1999
-Three pedal assist levels
-Designed for hills up to 15 degrees
-High-strength carbon steel front fork
ANCHEER AN-EB003 is a men's folding electric mountain bike. In addition to off-road terrain, the bike is also designed for off-road and road use. This bike is equipped with a 21-speed Shimano transmission and a 250-watt motor.
The mileage ranges from approximately 15 to 31 miles, with shorter distances in e-bike mode and longer distances in assisted mode. The top speed is about 15 miles per hour, enough to conquer hills as high as 15 degrees.
You can also choose low, medium and high pedal assist. Features such as dual suspension and dual disc brakes make the adventure on the road more comfortable. The high-strength carbon steel front fork absorbs impact when you ride. The net weight of this bicycle is 60 pounds. You can expect the battery to charge for about four to six hours.

best electric bikes
6. TESGO Climber Electric Mountain Bike
Price: US$999
-Slightly higher load capacity than many competitors
-Includes LED headlights
-21-speed Shimano gear system
The TESGO Climber electric bike is a durable electric mountain bike with a load capacity of 300 pounds. The 350-watt motor provides sufficient power. The bicycle has three working modes, including pedal assist, electric and ordinary bicycles.
As far as travel is concerned, you can expect to travel 17 miles per charge. The top speed of this electric mountain bike is about 18 miles per hour.
The removable lithium battery takes four to six hours to charge. The 21-speed Shimano gear system ensures that you have the right equipment for your favorite rides. The bicycle is also equipped with disc brakes for reliable braking force. The weight of this electric bicycle is just over 54 pounds.
Commuters and city riders especially like the included LED headlights and horns.

best electric bikes
One of the biggest advantages of an electric bicycle is that it can help you reach your destination faster. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average commuting time for people who bike to get off work is less than 20 minutes. Many of the best electric bicycles are propelled to a top speed of 15 to 20 miles per hour, which can greatly reduce your commute time. Commuters generally prefer folding electric bicycles, which usually fold into themselves to fit smaller spaces such as subways and under tables. If necessary, folding bicycles are also easier to go up and down stairs.
Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation. According to today’s “USA Today” article, sales of electric bicycles increased by 79% in 2019. In fact, sales are 8 times higher than in 2014.
You don't have to be a commuter to appreciate the advantages of electric bicycles. Many cyclists like pedal assist technology, which allows you to pedal the bike as usual, but with the help of a motor. Although not every electric bicycle has this feature, many of the best electric bicycles can choose full electric and pedal assist. Some even let you use the bike in normal mode.

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