Autumn electric bicycle so maintenance, can ride more than two years!

With summer receding and autumn approaching, without the sun's exposure, the frequency of electric bicycle use is gradually increasing. With the coolness of an autumn rain, the maintenance of electric bikes cannot be ignored.

As the charging process, the charger will generate a certain amount of heat, it is recommended to put it in an open and ventilated place for charging. It is strictly forbidden to cover the charger with foreign objects while charging, otherwise it is easy to damage the charger and the battery, causing dangerous situations!
electric bicycle
Do not park the electric car in the sun, and do not spend a long time in the rain, to avoid damage to the electric control parts caused by operational failure. When riding in the rain, try to avoid wetting the switch and electrical connection plug-in to prevent leakage and short circuit!
electric bicycle
When driving on a waterlogged road on a rainy day, the depth of water should not exceed the lower edge of the wheel hub of the electric bicycle to avoid motor failure due to water seepage from the motor.
electric bicycle
Regularly check, wipe and lubricate the front axle, middle axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts of the electric bicycle to prevent rust from affecting normal use.
electric bicycle
Use and storage with power loss is strictly prohibited. As the fall season turns cooler, in low temperature, it is easy to have problems such as poor charging ability and battery loss due to insufficient charging. So each time you use the electric car, in the case of large power consumption, should be timely to the battery fully charged, good maintenance electric car life can be extended by 2-3 years oh.

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