Back to the classics, the history of electric bicycles

Straight from the end of the 18th century, the Frenchman Sivlac invented the earliest bicycle; it was one of the "three big things" for the country's marriage in the 1960s, and was also gradually retired in the 1990s in the midst of a major trend, and after the transformation of the times, it returned to people's attention with the addition of electric assistance on the basis of bicycle pedals.
electric bike
For the history of the development of China's electric bicycle, described in "Business", the development of the electric bicycle industry is divided into five stages from the perspective of market performance - the start-up period (1999-2001) stage accumulation, laying the foundation for the industrialization of the electric bicycle; the budding period (2002 -2005) competitive situation, blind investment, breeding homogenization potential; growth period (2006-2008) resource advantages, scale growth, by policy, industry standards, raw material price increases, etc.; development period (2009-2012) innovation core competitiveness, product specialization to strengthen; differentiation period (2012 - future) each enterprise to comprehensive strength based on the integration of the era of A hundred flowers bloom and continue to develop. Each stage has shown different development dynamics because of different characteristics of the times and industry environment.
electric bike
Development so far, easy and simple structure, with fashionable and comfortable appearance design; when riding, facing uphill or rugged sections, riding in a stable posture, fully experience the pleasure of riding. In the face of this fast-paced era, no matter from performance to appearance constantly follow the user's feeling, reinvent the classics, constantly breakthrough, to create a new fashion trend.
electric bike
Giving intelligent technology to the bicycle, in the face of innovative acceptance; not only contains the progress of the development of the times, but also reflects people's pursuit of life; safe travel, enjoy riding in; and TESGO is continuing to develop continuously in the direction of specialization, refinement, systematization and integration.

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