Big data forging electric bicycle anti-theft "artifact"

Recently, the police cracked the city's first case of theft of licensed electric bicycles. It took less than one hour from the active discovery of the crime clues to the arrest of the suspect. In this process, the e-bike number plate and the e-bike anti-theft APP played an important role.

At 19:15 on September 6, a former burglar, who was riding an electric bicycle near the intersection of Tongling Road and Heping Road, entered the sight of the police of the Video Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The electric bicycle has been registered with a license plate, the police through the electric bicycle anti-theft APP system to retrieve the license plate number found that the owner of the car is a citizen Nie sister. The police got in touch with the owner when she found out that her electric bike had been stolen. The clue was fed back to the special police who were patrolling nearby by the Intelligence Command Center of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the un-someone was then captured. From the active discovery of clues to the use of APP information verification to the capture of the suspect, it took less than an hour!
electric bicycle
The rapid detection of this case, and electric bicycle registration on the work and the promotion of electric bicycle anti-theft APP inseparable. It is reported that this year, the city police to Yaohai Branch Daxing police station as a pilot, the development and promotion of the city's electric bicycle anti-theft APP. it is understood that the application software with electric bicycle registration, the vehicle involved in the case to claim, clues to report, anti-theft knowledge recommended four functional modules. The app includes the electric bicycle license plate number (licensed car), frame number and battery number, and the police can use these data to quickly and clearly identify the ownership and status of the electric bicycle, which is equivalent to applying for an electric bicycle "anti-theft ID card".
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According to reports, the city has now registered more than 110,000 electric bicycles in the electric bicycle anti-theft APP, sales, maintenance, recycling business registered users more than 3,000 households, more than 10,000 individual registered users, the collection of electric bicycles, electric battery transaction information more than 2,000.
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"Previously, after the victim's electric bicycle or battery was stolen, due to the purchase and other links are not registered information, the police solve the case after the recovery of the electric bicycle can not accurately find the owner." According to the main person in charge of the video investigation detachment, "the development and promotion of the electric bicycle anti-theft APP has opened up the last kilometer to the victim to return the items involved in the case, and will solve the case after the return of the recovered goods and losses". From January to November this year, the city's public security organs rely on the electric bicycle anti-theft APP, a total of 1054 electric bicycles involved in the return of the public, the return of 398 groups of batteries involved in the case, the total amount of more than 2.7 million yuan.

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