Can I add a battery to my electric bike if it rides slowly?

Electric bikes are lighter and easier to ride. Recently, an e-bike user asked this question: his newly licensed e-bike rides very slowly, can he add a battery to make it faster? My answer to this question is no. There are four main reasons why you can't add a battery.

One, the battery box size limit, can not add a new battery
We all know that the batteries are carefully designed by industrial design companies before leaving the factory, including the size of the battery box, only do the battery will not appear because of wobbling and leakage of liquid. Take the 48V electric bicycle for example, it consists of 4 small 12V batteries, and the battery box has and can only accommodate 4 small batteries, it is impossible to add another new battery.
electric bicycle
Second, the new national standard for electric bicycles restrict, private add new battery electric bicycle can not be on the road
In the new national standard, the battery of electric bicycle can not exceed 48V, if the user wants to add a new battery, obviously does not meet the new national standard, and such an electric car will be classified as a non-standard car. Even if the user has received a license, such an electric bike still cannot enjoy the right of way and is an illegal modification. Many people may say, can this kind of car be classified as electric motor? The answer is also no. Therefore, from this point of view, electric bicycles are not allowed to add batteries.
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Third, the failure rate of electric bicycles with privately added batteries is higher
From a theoretical point of view, electric bicycles are slow, so adding a battery can make the speed faster. However, from a practical point of view, adding a battery is likely to burn out the motor or controller, making the electric bicycle failure rate higher. And this means that if you want to add a battery, you must also swap the motor and controller and match them. From this point of view, the disadvantages of adding a battery outweigh the benefits, and the cost is too high, so it is not possible to add a battery.
electric bicycle
Fourth, the private addition of battery electric bicycle safety risks are greater
Firstly, electric bicycles with privately added batteries are less stable and carry greater risks. Secondly, electric bicycles with privately added batteries are not covered by the three packages of the manufacturers of industrial design companies, so if there is a problem with the electric bicycle, you can only solve it out of your own pocket. Therefore, it is not feasible to add a battery to an electric bicycle for slow riding.
It is not possible to add a battery to an electric bike even if it is slow. In fact, users do not have to add batteries to increase the speed, with the current market situation, electric motor, electric light motor can be licensed on the road as well.

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