Can you ride an electric bicycle if you have a bad knee?


At the point when you are managing an actual infirmity, like awful knees or joint inflammation, it very well may be hard to explore how to best consolidate practice into your daily schedule. This is on the grounds that managing terrible knees, regardless of whether it is because old enough or something else, expects you to be extra aware of how hard you are propelling yourself. Putting a lot of strain on your knees can be inconvenient, and can prompt conceivably demolishing your condition.

Can you ride an electric bicycle with bad joints?
1、 Can you ride an electric bicycle if you have a bad knee?
Bicycling is the ideal way to exercise for people with knee injuries because it puts less weight on the knee joint, but you need to take the right approach to ensure that the knee joint is not injured.
Many people complain of knee pain after cycling because of patellofemoral strain caused by the repeated circular motion of the legs during pedaling, which overloads the knee joint. Therefore, people who already have knee osteoarthritis, patellar strain and other bone and joint diseases would do well to shorten their cycling distance, especially to avoid excessive climbing sections. It is recommended that such people must stretch their joints and muscles before exercise, such as physical discomfort, do not force to continue to exercise.
2、What are the benefits of riding an electric bike with a bad knee joint?
It is not weight-bearing exercise. This is other sports do not have, when you feel that walking is very laborious, or hematoma is not suitable for walking, cycling may be your best choice to maintain joint function.
It allows you to temporarily forget about the pain, you can ride far away, simply go to the countryside or rural areas, see some of their own not often see the scene, let! Your mood is relaxed, which is conducive to recovery from illness. As long as the joint is in motion, its function will not disappear easily.
It is basically pure knee movement, which can play a great role in the maintenance of joint function, recovery, calcination.
3、How to ride an electric bike with a bad knee joint
Frequency of pedaling
Some riders have good physical strength, in riding, especially climbing, in order to reflect the speed and physical ability, in order to fly faster than others, pedal as hard as possible, do not care about the pedaling frequency, do not know that the human knee joint, after all, the strength is limited, too much power output on the knee joint is very big impact.
Pedaling angle
To avoid the inner or outer eight thighs riding, many riders are accustomed to the inner or outer eight riding, seemingly sparse, but the impact on the ride is great, it is easy to cause unnatural friction of the knee joint, the correct riding posture is to maintain the pedaling action completely in a vertical plane. Using self-locking pedals will help you solve this problem.
Frequent Riding
Any part that is used for a long time will have wear and tear, so will the human organ, and every day we walk on the knee joint will also have a certain wear and tear. Cycling should be moderate, gradual, combined with their own strength to ride, do not blindly increase the cycling distance, from time to time to maintain the knee joint rest time, and gradually enhance the knee joint tolerance and strength.
Riding environment
Riding in the rain is absolutely devastating to the knee, and no knee joint can withstand the rain and wind because the knee joint is in a forward facing position and is directly exposed to the elements.
When it's cold, it's best to wear knee pads and reduce riding in the rain. If you have a trauma around your knee, try to wait until you have recovered before riding again! Try to reduce the chances of riding in the rain, and if you want to ride, please protect your knee joint first.

What to pay attention to when riding an electric bike with a bad knee
Take good control of the time, about 1 hour. The speed can be adjusted according to personal fitness, generally 15 km/h or less is a medium-intensity exercise, suitable for the average cardiorespiratory function; more than 16 km/h is a relatively large intensity exercise, suitable for the better cardiorespiratory fitness.
To adjust the handle and seat height, and pay attention to maintain the correct posture. The height of the seat to the heel to the pedals, legs just straight for appropriate, so as to ensure that when riding a bike will not be too bent knee or tiptoe, and conducive to force.
You should try to choose a place with good road conditions and good air for cycling exercise. Severe heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy and pregnant women are not suitable for cycling.

Who is not suitable to ride an electric bike exercise
Experts also reminded that not everyone is suitable to exercise by riding an electric bicycle, especially the developing youth. This is because these people are at the peak of growth and development, and their bones and many organs are not yet well developed.
If a teenager rides a bicycle improperly and causes a deformity of the bones, the consequences can be very serious. In addition, heart patients, hypertensive patients, epilepsy patients, as well as pregnant women and women in the physiological cycle are not suitable for cycling, because these people in the time of strenuous exercise, very prone to cycling accidents.
In addition, foggy weather is not suitable for cycling, because the foggy days of low air pressure, from all sides of the pollutants difficult to disappear, easy to stimulate some sensitive parts of the human body, causing pharyngitis, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and some allergic diseases, for the elderly and frail people may also be life-threatening.

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