Do you have to pedal with an electric bike?See how the official answer

The implementation of the new national standard is imminent, and more and more electric bicycles will be on the road in the future, what is the new national standard car? In addition to meeting the maximum speed of 25KM per hour, the weight of the vehicle shall not exceed 55KG, the standard voltage of the battery shall not exceed 48V, electric bicycle power shall not exceed 400W these four basic standards, but also must have a pedal.

Most people agree with the first four requirements, after all, is conducive to reducing the speed of non-motorized vehicles, reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion, in favor of driver and pedestrian safety. But for must have a foot pedal this provision, most people feel puzzled, many owners even feel that this is a snake in the head!
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Wang Minyan, deputy inspector of the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, explained: "The pedal riding function is a signature feature of electric bicycles, which can be driven by human power and can also extend the driving range with the power of electricity. Without the pedal riding function, it is difficult to distinguish from electric mopeds, which is not conducive to road traffic management." Simply put, the role of the pedal is mainly to facilitate the ability to distinguish between electric bicycles and motorcycles by the naked eye, easy to manage.
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However, many owners believe that its existence is more harm than good. What makes this statement?
Because many owners find that the pedal is not able to carry an electric bike at all after buying a car. According to the experiment, the maximum power generated by human power is about 40W, and it can't do to maintain this power continuously. In contrast, electric bicycle motors generally have several hundred watts, such as the new national standard is 400W, weighing 55 kg maximum, battery capacity is generally 48 volts 20 amps, when people use their feet to pedal, the maximum power output is only one tenth of the motor power, if you want to rely solely on human powered electric bicycle is quite a struggle. Imagine, not many people can pedal for ten minutes on a flat road, and if you encounter a slightly steep road, you can't ride it at all, and in the end, you have to push it by hand.
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More importantly, the safety issue, many electric bicycle pedals in the car running will follow the wheel together with the rotation, if the roadside fabric or branches such as debris, it is easy to roll up together with the rotation and card to the car gear situation, the direct car down people fall. Even if some design a one-way gear, the pedal will not rotate with the wheel, but like two more horns, a careless will rub the roadside pedestrians or stone pillars, more dangerous is if the pedal is scraped by the car, the consequences are really unimaginable!

Even the cart is also very dangerous. After the installation of the pedal, the width of the car itself increases, in the dense flow of people where the vehicle turns easy to hang to bystanders, not to mention that it is also very easy to knock the calf, so that people lose focus. I believe that the pedals knocked to the feet of not a few people.
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Furthermore is the cost problem, and this cost increase has not played its role, it can be said that the increase is unnecessary costs.

The starting point of the new national standard is good, to reduce traffic accidents, to protect the safety of cyclists. But whether it is the national standard car or other cars, the most important thing is to solve the problem of cyclists according to the actual situation. Let the cyclist's traffic safety awareness is raised, this is the most important thing. After we all comply with the law, I believe that many accidents can be avoided.

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