Do you know how many kilometers a two-wheeled electric bike can travel?

It depends on the power of your e-bike, the maximum speed, how the road conditions are, etc. It must be considered comprehensively. If the road is parallel and the total weight of the vehicle and cargo does not exceed the maximum load of the electric vehicle, it can be estimated as follows.

Firstly, roughly calculate how much current when the motor runs to the maximum speed. The operating current at maximum speed is the motor power W divided by the rated voltage of the battery pack. For example, for a 48V 350W motor, its normal load operating current is 350/4. Take the capacity of the battery pack (amp hours) and divide it by the current value obtained above, which is the discharge time of that battery. The motor as mentioned above uses a 15AH/48V battery and its operating time is approximately 15/7.3, which is approximately the maximum speed of the electric vehicle multiplied by the battery pack discharge time and then multiplied by 0.85 to get the maximum driving range. The motor mentioned above works with the battery pack and its maximum speed is up to 25 Km per hour. 2 hours x 25 x 0.85K.
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Based on the above estimation method, it can also be estimated that the above electric bicycle needs to be equipped with at least 35 AH/48 V battery to reach a driving range of 100 Km. However, in practical application, the following factors should be considered to increase the electricity appropriately.

First, the battery pack capacity should decay when in use. If a new car can just run to 100 Km, it will not run so much with six months. And the longer it is used, the faster the mileage decays.
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Second, consider the impact of temperature on battery discharge. Whether it is lead-acid batteries, ternary lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, winter discharge performance can not be compared with the summer. This issue must be considered.

Third, consider the impact of battery discharge depth on battery life. If a group of batteries for a long time in a state of complete or near complete depletion, then there is no doubt that this is a chronic suicide for the battery pack. It may not be available most of the time, and the battery will be depleted. Rather consider increasing the capacity properly first, rather than adding a group.
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Fitted with a battery that can travel 100 km and comes with several big parts

1. is to judge clearly how big the configuration of the electric bicycle you ride, and which increased model can match. You can also judge whether the battery is installed in the battery box, does not affect the normal installation of other equipment.
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2. Originally mounted on a 60-volt 20-amp battery, it can be increased to a 60-volt 32-amp battery. Now the question is whether the battery box under your cushion can hold a 60V 32A battery. What to do? One: modify the battery box so that it can be placed. The second point: whether the battery can be placed in the seat pack and in the battery box at the same time

3. such as 48V20A battery configuration, can also be retrofitted with 48V32A battery, the same problem, that is, whether the battery is installed in the battery box, will not affect the normal use of other equipment, which also requires 2 points said, modified to install. 48V32Ant two-wheeler battery can travel 90 km.
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The battery that can travel more than 100 kilometers is available, that is, whether your electric bike can fit, which is required to reconfigure to meet the requirements you have proposed. Battery pack configuration is also based on the motor and controller capacity, configuration don't just pursue how many kilometers you can run, and the other major components are broken, increasing consumption is not desirable. No matter how you modify to increase the capacity of the battery, you must be within the range you can afford, and the electric car can afford to modify the group with, which is more!

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