Do you know how often e-bike tires are inflated?

Electric bicycle has become the most frequently used transportation for people to travel. There are four major parts of electric bicycle: motor, battery, controller and charger. They are always considered to be the core components of the vitality and vitality of electric bikes, and their importance is obvious. If there is a failure of one of the parts, the cooperation of all aspects of the e-bike may be a problem, in which case the e-bike will not be able to run normally.
However, many e-bike users ignore the importance of tires, thinking that tires can run if they have air. In fact, this concept is very wrong, the performance of tires is very important for electric bicycle, without tires, electric bicycle is like a bird with broken wings, even if a skill can not fly. So how to maintain the tires of electric bicycle in daily life? Here are the answers for you one by one.

1、Regular inspection and timely inflation
The weight of the vehicle and the rider are pressed on the tires. If the air pressure is not enough, the tires are easily deformed, which in turn leads to shorter range, wheel hubs are squeezed and deformed and other problems. Therefore, we need to develop the habit of checking tire pressure regularly and replenishing it in time.

Usually, the normal tire pressure of electric bicycle tires is 2.5-3 atmospheres. For those who have air pressure testing equipment at home, if the pressure is less than 2.0 atmospheres, you can pump it up. If you don't have a testing device at home, there is a way: if you sit on it, if the tire is obviously deflated, it needs to be inflated.
2、Clean up the oil in time
In daily use, electric bicycles may be stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oils. Tires are rubber products, so if they are in contact with oil for a long time, the oil may penetrate into the rubber and cause it to swell, resulting in a decrease in the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber, and the tire will deteriorate and become old. Therefore, electric bicycle tires accidentally stained with oil, kerosene, gasoline and other oil, to clean in a timely manner.

3、Clean the tire grooves in time
Electric bicycle in the process of driving, tire tread pattern grooves will inevitably embed stones or other foreign objects, thereby accelerating the loss of tires, and in serious cases may lead to tire crown deformation, affecting riding safety. Check the groove part of the tire, and timely clean up the foreign matter in it.
4、Check the tire pressure regularly
Electric bicycle users should regularly check the tire pressure, feel the tire pressure is not enough to replenish in time, keep the tire pressure of the front and rear wheels is consistent. For electric bicycles, low tire pressure will have the following two effects: 1, low tire pressure will cause rapid tire wear, increasing the resistance in driving, and will also cause sideslip when turning. 2, the majority of electric bicycle rear wheel by the motor to fill, if the rear tire pressure is too low or completely dry to continue driving, it is easy to cause tire scrap or even lead to motor deformation. Charge Man suggests that electric bicycle users should equip themselves with a tire pressure meter and measure it every 2 months to avoid unnecessary damage to the electric bicycle.
5、Storage with sufficient air
When the e-bike is not used for a long time, the tires should be fully inflated before storage! Because the tire pressure of electric bicycle is too low, external force will deflate the inner and outer tires (such as the weight of the electric bicycle itself), and this will lead to tire cracking or deformation in the long run, thus reducing the life of the tires. Therefore, when parking your electric bicycle for a long time, you should ensure that the tire pressure is sufficient and inflate it regularly.
6、Don't overload
More than 95% of electric bicycles do not have a rear tire support frame and rely on the rear wheel and unilateral support frame to support the weight of the body. When the load exceeds its capacity, the tires are easily deformed by external forces and even burst, which seriously affects riding safety! Therefore, when using an electric bicycle on a daily basis, remember not to overload the vehicle.

Therefore, whether for the protection of tires or for your own personal safety, you should not overload your e-bike when riding.

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