E bikes outselling standard bikes in netherlands 2021

There are 22.5m bikes in the nation of 17m individuals, and the number continues to rise. In any case, there's an unpleasant curve to it for the old fashioned cyclist. Standard push-bicycles may before long be an extraordinariness. E-bicycles currently formally beat them, notwithstanding the spiraling costs.

Out of €1.2bn spent on bikes last year, €823m represented e-bicycles. 409,400 electric units were sold altogether. The Dutch favor quality over the modest stuff, which expanded the normal cost for a sold bicycle by €200 to €1,207.
electric bike
"We are bicycle country No 1 on the planet so we are accustomed to putting resources into inventive bicycles so there is contrast there contrasted and different nations, including the UK," RAI's Floris Liebrand told the Guardian. "For us it is entirely expected to burn through €1,000 on a bicycle. A normal for an e-bicycle is over €2,000 yet that is in our way of life. We trust in the nature of our items. There are e-bicycles of €700 or €900 yet they are from south-east Asia and the quality is lower."
electric bike
E-bicycles are the favored decision for the older just as for suburbanites. 60% of all laborers live inside a 15km sweep of their work, which is viewed as an optimal distance for riding an electric bike.
electric bike
There is a faith in the Netherlands that the requirement for qualification between an e-bicycle and a standard bicycle will before long evaporate and that each unit will essentially be known as a bike, be it battery-fueled or not. In any case, Floris Liebrand accepts that practically all bikes will be controlled by some sort of battery later on.

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