Electric-assisted and electric bicycle, why is the price difference so much?


Let's first explain the conceptual differences between electric bicycles and electric bicycles.

The English word "Pedelec" is a combination of the words pedal and electric, which refers to a bicycle with an electric motor that needs to be pedal driven. "Electric Assist Bicycle = Bicycle + Power Assist System (PAS)", and PAS is the abbreviation of Power Assist System in English. Therefore, an electric bicycle is a bicycle with a Power Assist System (PAS) to make cycling easier.

An electric bicycle is a mechatronic personal transportation system that uses a battery as an auxiliary energy source on the basis of an ordinary bicycle, and installs a motor, a controller, a battery, a handlebar gate and other manipulation components and a display instrumentation system.
electric bicycle
In simple terms, the relationship between electric bicycle and electric bicycle is more like the relationship between plug-in hybrid and light hybrid in hybrid cars, electric bicycle is not too big even without electric drive, with the assistance of electricity, mountain bikes can climb unconquerable peaks, road bikes can let you have the opportunity to compete with your cousin, of course how long you can run with your cousin depends on how big the battery is, while electric bicycle without the aid of electricity, the impact will be greater, relying only on human powered will be much slower, what other differences between the two specific, let us continue to see.

Different battery capacity
The battery capacity of electric-assisted bicycles is generally smaller than that of electric bicycles, because the core of electric-assisted bicycles is always human-powered and the electric system is only auxiliary, while electric bicycles are human-powered and electric-powered, and electric-assisted bicycles also need to consider the issue of lightweight.
For example, the weight of an electric-assisted road bike is about 12kg, which is already very light compared to an electric bike, but it is placed in the road bike. It is already a tank, if in the case of the loss of electric power assistance, electric-assisted road bikes are inferior to traditional large group road bikes in climbing, starting, shaking the car in all aspects.
electric bicycle
The role of pedals is different
The pedals of an electric-assisted road bike are more like the 48V motor in a light-hybrid car, improving the riding experience as well as the feeling, while the pedals of an electric bike are like a plug-in hybrid in a light-hybrid car, without which I can still speed through the streets.

Different application areas
E-bikes are mainly used in daily life, such as commuting to and from work in crowded urban areas, delivery boys deliver, and now some cities have shared e-bikes to solve the problem of the last 1KM of commuting, so e-bikes are equipped with vegetable baskets, back seats, mirrors and other equipment, and choose larger and softer seat cushions to make the rider more comfortable.
electric bicycle
Most of the electric bikes are used to solve the problem of going through the mountains, and the electric bikes can be used as an aid to go over the mountain peaks, and to reach the end of the line when the last ten kilometers of the long distance is too much.

Electric bicycles are more often used in life, the convenience of the people, while electric bicycles are generally used in solving the road can not walk, can not climb the slope to let themselves save a little force and other professional sports.

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