Electric bicycle 5 major systems use and maintenance tips

Electric bikes have become the first choice for short distance travel in cities and towns because of their convenience and speed. Reasonable use and maintenance of electric bikes can increase their service life on the one hand and avoid the embarrassment of being thrown in the middle of the road on the other. The following is a detailed description of how to maintain the 5 important systems of electric bicycles.

Battery use and maintenance
Lead-acid battery: As the battery is stored, transported and installed, it will lose some of its capacity due to self-discharge. Please fully charge the battery when you first use the newly purchased vehicle to activate the active material inside the battery (the first five charges should be no less than 10 hours, but not more than 12 hours).
electric bicycle
It is strictly forbidden to use and store the battery at a loss of power. After each use, no matter how much power is consumed, the battery should be fully charged in time if possible, which is good for prolonging the battery life. If the battery is not used for a long time, please be sure to keep the battery in a fully charged state and charge it once a month.

Try to carry out 1-2 deep discharges per month, the so-called deep discharge means riding on a flat road under normal load conditions to the first full discharge of under-voltage protection, or carry out a full discharge with a discharge meter and then fully charge, which will slightly increase the battery capacity.

Charger use and maintenance
Normally, you should try to avoid carrying the charger with your car when riding. If you have to carry it, you need to wrap it with a cushion to avoid bumping and vibration of the charger caused by bumps. When charging, first close the power lock on the electric vehicle, insert the charger output plug into the charging socket, and then insert the charger input power plug into the power socket, otherwise a large inrush current will be generated, which will easily damage the charger and affect the life of the battery, and may cause serious electric shock accidents.
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Because of the charging process, the charger generates a certain amount of heat, so it is recommended to charge in the open ventilation, it is strictly prohibited to cover the charger with foreign objects when charging, otherwise it is easy to damage the charger and battery, and even cause fire accidents; in addition, the charger is also strictly prohibited to be immersed in water or rain.

Use and maintenance of electric control part
The electric controller is the control center of the electric car, all instructions issued by the user are converted into electrical signals to the motor, battery and other components through it, which is equivalent to the human brain. The electric car is designed from the beginning to take into account the daily rain and sunshine, so it does not need special maintenance for normal use, but it also needs to pay attention to the extreme weather that may cause damage to it.

Do not often expose the electric car to the sun when it is parked, and do not spend a long time in the rain to avoid damage to the controller components causing operational failure.
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Use and maintenance of the motor
No special maintenance is needed during normal use of the motor. When driving on a rainy day on a waterlogged road, the depth of water should not exceed the motor shaft to avoid water penetration of the motor. The electric bicycle should not be forced to start under overload. When the vehicle cannot be started normally due to obstruction, do not start it repeatedly, and start it again after removing the resistance.

Use and maintenance of brake and transmission system
First of all, the vehicle brakes should be checked frequently, and if the brake stroke becomes longer, it needs to be adjusted. Hydraulic brake: If the free travel of the handle is too large and the brake pad wear does not exceed the prescribed limit, it may be that the brake system is mixed with air, and it is best to entrust professional maintenance personnel to adjust it.
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Mechanical brake: If the free travel is too large, you can adjust the adjusting nut on the brake to adjust the brake travel, and when the brake handle travel reaches two-thirds, you can brake completely and turn the wheel without stalling after releasing the brake.
Secondly, like ordinary bicycle maintenance, the front axle, middle axle, flywheel, chain and other transmission parts of the electric bicycle should be regularly checked, wiped and lubricated.
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The flywheel, chain and sprocket should be lubricated with lubricant every six months; the middle axle, pedal shaft and front and rear axles should be lubricated with grease every one year, not steak grease, but industrial grease; in addition, the front fork parts should be lubricated with grease, once every two years.

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