Electric bicycle battery maintenance tips

The temperature is rising and the number of people riding electric bicycles is increasing, so we'll take you through the tips on electric bicycles and battery maintenance!

How to reasonably charge a newly purchased electric bicycle
It is recommended to charge the battery after 50%-70% of use, so that the battery can avoid the pressure difference due to over-discharge. The charging time should be 4-12 hours, and the charging time should be shortened accordingly in summer. Generally, the charger should continue to float for 1-2 hours after the green light is turned, and should not be charged for a long time. Every two months to make a deep discharge of the battery to avoid battery power precipitation, affecting the battery capacity.
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What is the standard of quality charger
There are many indicators to judge whether a charger is of high quality, such as the quality of the materials used, the relevant parameters of the charger, the presence of temperature control functions, etc. It is recommended to make a comprehensive consideration and a thorough assessment. It is recommended to make a comprehensive consideration, comprehensive assessment, and give priority to large brands of compliant chargers.
The charger shows full, but the actual battery power is not enough
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There are many factors that cause this phenomenon, such as whether the charger is saturated, whether the car meter display is normal, whether the car driving current is too large and so on. It is recommended to go to the point of purchase or the official after-sales network of the battery manufacturer to test the battery to determine whether the battery capacity is a problem.

Frequent battery replacement still no power
The battery is still not far from the group, you can give due consideration to other factors, such as the size of the electric bike's motor power consumption, the controller's current limit and voltage limit value, the charger's charging effect and the road conditions when riding, weight and so on. If you have doubts about the battery, it is recommended to go to the point of purchase or the official after-sales network of the battery manufacturer to test the battery.
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After two years of battery use, can you add liquid independently
There are batteries that are sealed and maintenance-free, and then there is the question of whether private demolition of the battery is outside the three packs and whether it will cause safety hazards. The purpose of many private liquid changes online is that they do not want to replace the new battery and repair it.
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Electric bicycle riding in the rain, the battery is affected
In this case, the battery will be affected by the following aspects: on the one hand, the whole line of the vehicle is rusted by moisture, resulting in increased resistance, increasing the electric bicycle running current, shortening the battery discharge time, resulting in a lack of mileage; on the other hand, the battery box into the water, so that the battery pole column corrosion, shortening the battery life.

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