Electric bicycle does not run far? Learn these few tricks, let your car run half the road more

Although in recent years, the range of electric bicycles has been greatly improved, it is undeniable that the range of electric bicycles is always the most important concern of users. As we all know, if an electric bike can't run without power, it is basically impossible to run again in a short time.

So the question arises, how to make the electric bicycle can run farther? Putting aside the increase of battery voltage and quantity, because, when we buy an electric bike these are already set. Next we share the following experience, you just need to learn these few tricks, let your electric bike run half of the road more, easily!
1、Try to avoid high current discharge
Usually, the electric car in the start, carrying people uphill, very easy to form an instantaneous high current discharge. Especially when carrying people uphill, if the electric car is underpowered, and the gas throttle, power consumption, but also very easy to damage the motor. If you can effectively avoid high current discharge, long time can maintain a uniform speed, want to extend the range effortlessly.
2、Ensure the sensitivity of the brake and try to avoid emergency braking
We all know that emergency braking is not only unsafe, but also consumes a lot of power. Therefore, in foreseeable circumstances, try to slow down in advance, so that not only can extend the range, but also more safely. In addition, the brakes are not sensitive and the brakes are not in place will definitely affect the conversion of electricity and shorten the range.
3. Make sure the tire pressure is normal
Tire lack of air will make the electric bicycle in the process of driving resistance, resistance will inevitably shorten the electric car range; and if the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to cause a tire blowout. Therefore, if you want to extend the range of electric bicycle, it is necessary to ensure that the air pressure of electric bicycle tires is normal.
In fact, there are many ways to extend the range, such as not wading, not overloaded, etc., can also effectively extend the range. In addition, regular testing, attention to battery maintenance, etc., although not to increase the range, but can slow down the range decay. As long as you pay more attention when riding, it is not difficult to ride more than others half way!

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