Electric bicycle liquid cooling technology, so that the electric bicycle power range double enhance

The motor is the "heart" of the electric bike, a good tram with enough power to run far, the quality of its motor is bound to be excellent, many electric bikes do not run far not because of the battery, but because of the motor, the motor running temperature is high and no efficient cooling measures, over time will damage the internal stator, coil structure, resulting in demagnetization. This leads to demagnetization, so it's no wonder that the range is not good.

The advancement of liquid cooling technology for electric bicycles has brought a double increase in power and range, solving the technical problems of electric bicycles such as "not riding far" and "running slow", and making a huge step forward in improving the range of electric bicycles.
electric bicycle
Equipped with electric bicycle liquid-cooling technology, liquid-cooled motor was born, which mainly solves the problem of motor heat dissipation. By injecting insulating coolant inside the motor, the heat will be dissipated to the metal casing when the motor is working, so that the temperature of the motor will drop rapidly in the running state.
electric bicycle
At the same time, the coolant is wrapped around the magnet, which can also play the role of rust-proof and waterproof. With the motor seal ring makes the motor waterproof, dustproof grade IP67, motor efficiency of more than 90% (ordinary motor efficiency can only reach 80%), power range double enhance.
electric bicycle
Electric bicycle liquid cooling technology with the industry's first, excellent technical advantages, to enable the motor with a long time as new, greatly reducing the probability of demagnetization of the motor, rust, dust, breaking through the conventional motor can only use 2-3 years of technical bottlenecks, extending the warranty period, the warranty of 6 years without any burden.

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