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In recent years, electric bicycles have become a popular means of transportation for the general public because they are fast, light and economical, and have become a common sight in cities. The number of electric bicycles has been increasing year by year, and the safety management of electric bicycles has been a problem. So what are the preventive measures?
Electric bicycle
It is understood that the current car theft techniques are broadly divided into four kinds of power tools, hand tools and technical unlocking, handling gangs. Hand tools are mainly used to steal cars, hacksaws, pliers, a word steel fine, cross steel fine, hammer and other tools; power tools are generally used to steal cars portable electric drill, electric cutting machine and other tools; technical unlocking car theft mainly to attack the lock core, the use of universal keys and steel wire and other tools; handling gangs to steal cars without picking the lock on the spot, as long as there is an electric tricycle or small freight car, two or three accomplices can be moved at any time to see the The items. The above means of crime time of no more than 30 seconds during the day, no more than 3 minutes at night, the method of concealment quickly, a high success rate. So, how to effectively prevent the theft of electric bicycles?
Electric bicycle
Five suggestions for you.
Equipped with a high-quality qualified locks, is the basic elements to prevent the theft of electric bicycles. There are four main types of electric bicycle locks in common use: steel cable locks: relatively strong, easy to lock the car on a fixed object. U-shaped locks: large lock head, fixed lock body, more solid. But locking and unlocking is relatively inconvenient. Steel tube lock: easy to use, lower cost, higher utilization. Lock anti-theft lock: derived from the ordinary lock, it combines the brake pad and anti-theft lock to achieve the integration of the axle lock and anti-theft lock, with the characteristics of concealment and solidity, with a high anti-pry ability.
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Electric bicycle lock manufacturers, according to statistics, the current market commonly more than 200, the following five aspects should be noted when buying and selling:?
1. purchase products produced by companies with high visibility, stable product quality and good after-sales service.
2. when buying and selling, pay attention to check whether the product packaging, identification is complete, whether the content of the manual is complete, and whether it can guide the completion of the installation of the lock.
3. to pay attention to observe the quality of the appearance of the lock, including whether the plating surface is uniform in color, whether there is rust, exposed bottom, oxidation and other phenomena.
4. to pay attention to check the flexibility of the lock, whether the key can be inserted naturally, whether the lock beam can be closed and opened naturally.
5. To check the weight of the car lock, whether the materials used are true.
Electric bicycle
It is also recommended to lock the car to pay attention to the following points.
1. Do not use the car lock given by the car salesman when purchasing a car, according to the survey, the gift of locks are mostly poor quality locks, a dozen or so dollars, with a hammer in the lock card department can be opened by two knocks.
2. while using two different principles of lock: electric bicycle thieves the main means of unlocking theft is no more than a strong pliers to cut the anti-theft locks or pry the car lock, the general thieves will only bring a handy tool, so the car is installed at the same time two different types of locks, is a proven anti-theft measures.

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