Electric bicycle with electricity does not go trouble shooting method

Why does it sometimes happen that the electric bicycle does not go with electricity? What is the reason?

In addition to the motor inside the coil burned or line connector disconnection trouble shooting, there is another kind of motor inside the sensor, that is Hall components, it is bad will also make the electric bike does not go one of the reasons.
Electric bicycle
Hall is to determine the current state of motor movement, and then the controller according to the signal collected by Hall to control the controller's three-phase output to power the motor, so that the motor continues to work normally, so if Hall is bad, the motor will not be able to run normally.
Electric bicycle
With the development of science and technology, the current production of the controller without Hall can make the motor run normally, so in the use of this new controller, you can not connect the motor on the Hall line, in practice, some of the motor on the Hall is bad to connect the controller on the Hall line instead of the motor does not run.
Electric bicycle
Therefore, in practice, if it is a new type of controller, in the case of detecting whether the motor is good or bad, first unplug the controller and the motor's hall line to see if the motor is running normally, and then further detect other motor faults.

Of course, some electric bicycles are old controllers, not connected to the Hall line decision is not running, if the motor is bad Hall is bad, change the new Hall, or replace a new controller.

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