Electric bicycles do not run as fast as others, the reason may be here

Obviously look similar, why other people's electric bicycle is faster than mine - many people may have encountered a similar situation, have such questions. But what if I told you that even if the motor power of two bikes is the same, there may be a difference in the maximum speed of the two bikes, not to mention the similarity in looks and the quality of the products?

Since there is no problem with quality, why is there a difference in the maximum speed of an electric bike with the same power?
Electric bicycles
If we use P to represent the power of the e-bike, F to represent the forward traction of the vehicle, and V to represent the speed of the vehicle, then P=FV. If P is certain, F increases and V must become smaller. In other words, with the same power rating, the greater the power, the slower the (maximum) speed.

When we design an e-bike, we take into account the different needs of different regions. If it is a plain area with few steep slopes, the e-bike will be designed as a speed type with relatively less power and the maximum speed can be increased.
Electric bicycles
If it is a mountainous plateau, where climbing is often required, the e-bike will be designed as a power type, with improved climbing ability, but a slower top speed. This is why there are different top speeds for electric bikes with the same power.
Electric bicycles
The electric bicycle industry is a manufacturing industry where cost is often proportional to quality, and is literally worth every penny. In terms of the motor, its power is directly proportional to its quality (weight). The motor with good materials, materials sufficient, while containing advanced technology, reasonable design, will be a good motor of good quality.

When you buy an electric bike, you can pick it according to your needs, or the local road conditions.

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