Electric bicycles should not be overcharged

Braking performance is not qualified, will affect the safety of electric bicycle driving; electric bicycle overcharge there are safety risks, the purchase and safe use of electric bicycle issued is particularly important.

Maximum speed is a key indicator
Convenient electric bicycle has become the preferred mode of transportation for many wage earners, but at the same time, the safety problems brought by electric bicycles should not be ignored. Ye Zhentao said that the current implementation of China's electric bicycle product standards is the version developed in 1999, according to the provisions of the version, the maximum speed, braking performance, frame / fork combination of vibration strength to determine whether the electric bicycle qualified key indicators.
Electric bicycles
And from the provincial quality supervision bureau previously announced the quality of electric bicycle sampling results, 80.6% of the overall sampling rate also shows that there are still more problems with electric bicycles, the reasons for failure are mainly concentrated in the maximum speed, frame / fork combination of vibration strength, reflector and other aspects.
Electric bicycles
Reflectors are most easily ignored
Among the 34 test items of electric bicycles, the maximum speed is the most concerned. The excessive speed of electric bicycles is not only offensive to other traffic participants, but also leaves hidden dangers to traffic safety. Compared to the maximum speed, consumers are unfamiliar with the frame/fork combination vibration strength indicator, Ye Zhentao said, the project is simply to assess the strength of the frame/fork, if the project fails, it may lead to cyclists in normal riding due to the combination of fracture and personal injury events. According to the national standard, the frame / fork combination by 70,000 times after the vibration test, the frame parts shall not be broken, obvious deformation or loosening.
Electric bicycles
In the provincial quality supervision bureau of sampling, the largest number of failed batches of items for the reflector and horn device, there are 132 batches of products reflector optical performance below three. It is reported that the provision is set to take into account the electric bicycle at night driving, easy to be identified to avoid traffic accidents, and some models of poor optical performance, just become decorative, and some even in the design of the side and rear reflector is not installed.
Electric bicycles
Overcharging should not be allowed
Many consumers know that cell phones should not be overcharged, in fact, the same applies to electric bicycles. Ye Zhentao said, many people are used to charging the electric bike battery at night, and then unplug it in the morning before leaving home, thinking that this can maintain sufficient power, but do not know that overcharging will cause damage to the battery, and even cause safety accidents. Ye Zhentao reminded consumers that electric bicycles should not be overcharged, and if they are charged at night, they can choose a charger with automatic power-off function to ensure that the battery maintains good performance.
Electric bicycles
Routine inspection should not be forgotten
Electric bicycles are falling apart, and such cases have happened in many places in real life. In addition to the quality of the e-bike, there are also some reasons for the maintenance of the consumer is not in place. Ye Zhentao reminded consumers that it is best to check the fastening of screws before daily travel, and to check whether the circuit is good within a year. If the electric bike battery is suddenly "not enough", it is best to ask a professional to check whether the battery or wiring abnormalities, and timely repair or replacement.
Electric bicycles
The new standard is loose and strict
Since last year, there is news that the new national standard for electric bicycles will be introduced soon. The "new national standard" in the most attention, should be counted on the speed and weight of electric bicycles. In the previous "old national standard", the maximum speed of an electric bicycle was 20km/h and the weight was no more than 40kg, while in the "new national standard" (consultation draft), the maximum speed of an electric bicycle was revised to 26km/h and the weight of an empty bicycle was set at 55kg (without battery).

Will the "speed increase" written into the standard make e-bikes more unsafe? Ye Zhentao said that the new standard seems to raise the speed of electric bicycles from 20km/h to 26km/h, but in fact, many electric bicycles are now driving at 30km/h or even higher, rather than saying that the new standard relaxes the speed of electric bicycles, the new standard restricts the speed of electric bicycles and stipulates that the speed cannot be tampered with. In addition, from the results of the current study, the weight of the e-bike is not necessarily linked to safety. 55 kg of vehicle weight was determined after research and statistical analysis. In addition to speed and weight, the new standard also adopts a series of safety measures, such as braking distance, frame strength, etc. The requirements have been increased.

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