Electric bikes, the leader in transportation for the next decade?

According to media reports, there will be a huge revolution in the world of transportation in the next 10 years, and it is a new energy revolution represented by battery power. The real trendsetter in the future will not be electric cars or electric pickup trucks, nor will it be electric scooters, but electric bicycles.

In recent years, electric cars and battery-powered locomotives have increased with a slow and steady tendency to stabilize. This also provides a favorable outlook on the future. That is, the future will be a world with more sustainable forms of resources. This is not the case now, but reliance on fossil fuels is gradually decreasing.
electric bike
As the world is already making a major effort to address global warming and pollution, it has become in the national interest to invest in emission-free vehicles. As a result, various analysts point out that sales of electric bicycles will increase in demand over the next 10 years. In addition, China is a large country for electric bicycles, which are popular among the public for their economy, energy efficiency, and convenience. In addition, with the rapid development of e-bikes, it has effectively relieved the traffic pressure of people travelling short distances, and thus the e-bike industry has received wide attention and strong support from the government. So far, there are about 300 million e-bikes social insurance in China, and it keeps increasing, and the industry has a broad development prospect.
electric bike
According to foreign analysts released a forecast report on technology, media and communication. Electric bicycle sales are expected to increase significantly during the period 2020-2023, and for the first time, the number of electric bicycles on the road in many countries will exceed the number of electric vehicles. According to the projections, tens of billions of additional bicycle trips will be made each year in the coming years, which means fewer trips by car and lower emissions. This change is sure to have a spillover effect on urban traffic congestion and air quality. In the analysis, the future electric bicycle may be the best-selling electric vehicle on the planet.
electric bike
The changes that electrification is making to bicycles will make more structural experiments possible, and e-bikes have their own more distinct advantages over electric cars, such as low price, easy charging, and no need to invest heavily in supporting infrastructure. In summary, e-bikes are likely to occupy a higher position in the transportation system of the future.

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