Electric car when walking when stopping, the problem appears in these areas

There are many electric bicycles often occur when walking when stopping can not be normal, the main reason is to walk on the road, dun a vehicle does not go, shoot on the go, or turn off the key to start again, and can continue to go. The second type is the key to turn on the power supply shows that there is power, turning the speed handle, which is just a few nibbles have a slight movement of two does not go, this and the front of the cause of failure is basically the same, are caused by poor power contact. The specific reasons for the emergence of these two situations, can be analyzed from the following aspects aside.

The total power supply line and battery line disconnection
The total power source line of the electric bicycle, including the battery connection line, the battery output line, and the total power supply line of the vehicle body. These appearances as long as there is a poor contact, the whole car power supply will not be normal, sometimes the voltage is insufficient, the vehicle can not start normally, sometimes straight up the power meter display is full, as long as a start directly drop to the bottom. This all have to measure and check according to the specific steps.

Treatment: Apply the multimeter to measure the total power supply of the electric car, if the output is not normal, we have to open the seat pack to check the battery connection line and the battery output. Find the fault point of poor contact, reconnect, measure again as well as ride the car normally, the problem can be solved.
Lock connection cable
Some vehicles have poor contact, will occur at the lock solid point, as well as the line connection. All need to be detected step by step with a multimeter, first from the open at the detection, there is no line falsely connected, contact is not connected to touch, all the way to find the lock connection plug, all to - troubleshooting. With a multimeter beeping gear can be found, and also to pull a hand, is there a false connection.

As long as you find out the problem point, the solution are very simple, reconnected on the line. If the lock solid point burned, we have to replace the new lock to use, so that the problem is all solved.
Motor and controller connection point
Sometimes the road is not flat, the use of a long time, the motor connection line and the controller connection line is easy to burn, poor contact, as long as there is a bad contact line, the vehicle can not go normally or have nibbling. These problems are also very simple to deal with, open the seat package, the first test motor Hall is normal, whether the connection line is loose burned, if these failure points occur, reconnect in debugging normal, you can solve the problem. If it fails to solve the problem, we must check whether the controller service output is normal.
Electric bicycle wiring poor contact, lock damage, motor, controller fault points to find some obvious, some more hidden, as long as the patience, slowly step by step check, you can find the problem.
Solution are relatively simple, the short-circuit connection point reconnected is normal on, if it is a big problem, you need to overhaul the motor and controller and the lock, can not repair good need to replace the new parts to use.

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