France buys electric bicycle subsidies!

The recent general strike that has swept across France has paralyzed public transportation throughout the country. In response to the negative impact of the general strike, the policy of subsidies for the purchase of electric bicycles in Paris was launched ahead of schedule. The subsidy covers all new e-bikes purchased from December 1, 2019.
electric bicycle
E-bikes are an optional environmentally friendly means of transportation, however, they are more expensive and the Paris regional government, through its transport federation, intends to offer subsidies of up to 500 euros to help with their purchase. Initially, the measure was planned for January 2020, with an early start due to the end-of-year strike.
electric bicycle
According to French policy, purchasers of conventional e-bikes will be subsidized with 500 euros, while purchasers of cargo-type e-bikes will be subsidized with 600 euros, while the amount of the subsidy will not exceed 50% of the price of the bike.
electric bicycle
For this reason, some utilities calculate that the French government's annual budget for the measure, starting in 2020, is 12 million euros per year. Officials estimate that 20,000 to 30,000 Parisians will apply for this subsidy each year. Before purchasing an e-bike, buyers can also rent one to test this alternative tool.
electric bicycle
How about it, for those of you who want to buy an e-bike, are you ready?

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