Freedom to travel! TESGO portable inflatable pump successfully sold

On August 15, tesgo portable inflatable pump was officially launched. As a car essential safety products, in addition to mobile wireless inflatable, the product can also be a multi-use, five inflatable mode covers most of the scenes needing inflatable in daily life, while equipped with a 2.5-inch CNC screen, a variety of inflatable data at a glance. Now Amazon and shopify has opened a simultaneous pre-sale, a limited-time exclusive only 49.99 U.S. dollars, interested friends can search their own view.

tesgo portable inflatable pump to solve the traditional inflatable pump "stupid", "heavy", "occupies a large area" and other problems, digital inflatable mode with memory function, a set of lifelong available The digital inflatable mode with memory function, once set for life. The weight of the machine is comparable to three apples, the appearance alone thought it was a rechargeable battery, small and portable, can be placed with the car, that is, take that use, does not take up space. Plus it comes with a 2.5-inch CNC screen, good-looking, but also intuitive display inflatable parameters, fashionable and trendy.
inflatable pump
tesgo portable inflatable pump provides five working modes, respectively, car mode, motorcycle mode, bicycle mode, ball mode and custom mode. Custom mode can meet more application scenarios, so that the inflatable pump can be used on different products, such as swimming laps, kayaks, air beds and so on. Really realize a machine multi-purpose, to meet the diversified needs of inflation.
inflatable pump
tesgo portable inflatable pump called "mobile inflatable station", built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, inflatable without connecting the power supply, very convenient. Even emergency lithium battery can also be used as a rechargeable treasure, pre-sale period to grab is to earn. It has an efficient fast charging function, in a fully charged state 3 minutes to fill a car tire, 45 seconds to fill a basketball, the performance of the range is also excellent.
inflatable pump
In addition to having a good battery, to ensure the stable operation of the tesgo portable inflatable pump motor is also of paramount importance. So it is designed with four rows of cooling ports and internal spiral fan blades, which can quickly discharge internal heat, effectively control the temperature of the body, to protect the stable operation of the motor. It is also very resourceful, when the charging environment is abnormal, will automatically cut off the current to protect the machine from damage.
inflatable pump
The face of tesgo portable inflatable pump is also one of the best-looking. The body uses a special coating, simple and generous wear-resistant non-slip. It is worth mentioning that the tesgo portable inflatable pump is also equipped with LED white light beads, night inflatable is not afraid, very intimate.

tesgo focus on product development and manufacturing, is committed to bringing safety, peace of mind, well-being of the user. So far has been focused on the research and development and manufacturing of electronic products around the car and intelligent car vulnerability mining and security research.
Inflation pump although usually not much opportunity to use, but really is a necessity for every car owner. tesgo portable inflatable pump is not only compact and easy to carry, support a variety of inflation needs, full of air, but also has the role of lighting and heat dissipation function, the critical moment can also be used as a rechargeable treasure. Currently on Amazon and shopify platform, pre-sale exclusive price of 49.99 yuan, grab is to earn.

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