Good-looking but not expensive, these 3 electric bikes are worth getting


In March, the willow is green and the flowers are red, the vitality is in full swing, so get a new car to refresh your life. As a good assistant for commuting, electric cars are safer for one person and one car, effectively avoiding cross-contamination, no need to worry about racing during peak periods, and enjoy the feeling of comfortable travel.
Now all major brands are launching preferential activities one after another, buy a car or cost-effective.

The car is small, can run can be loaded. Longer pedals, when the load to repair a larger amount, can be used as a supplement to the placement; 2L large basket, can meet the daily shopping needs; green source of special batteries, 45KM range, travel more than enough; liquid-cooled motor, liquid-cooled cooling, power lasting 6 years.
Battery: 48V12AH lead-acid battery
Motor: 300W liquid-cooled motor

electric bikes

Fresh color scheme, spontaneous departure. A comprehensive upgrade of the light system, the devil's eye high bright lens headlights; a cruise, uniform speed to reduce hand fatigue; humanized small hooks, shopping, soup, want to hang; safety rear tail light, night travel more eye-catching, intimate care.
Battery: 48V12AH lithium battery
Motor: 350W

electric bikes
Simple design, exquisite car structure, easy to cross the big roads and lanes; new design, national standard version of the charging port; high elastic waterproof cushion, durable and not deformed; 60/100-10 vacuum tires, anti-puncture and wear-resistant non-slip, no fear of flat tire grip.
Battery: 48V12AH lead-acid battery
Motor: 350W

electric bikes

Simple electric bike has a lightweight but sturdy shape design, the tires are not large, but whether in electric mode or in riding mode, in fact, the performance is not bad. And the design in terms of operational difficulty and customization settings also makes me satisfied, so I personally still think it's worth buying such an electric bike.

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