High temperatures are coming, do not let your electric bike "fire"


In recent years, the increase in electric bicycles, convenient for the people's travel, but also to achieve the purpose of green, but due to improper charging, illegal operation, high temperature and other fires have also occurred. We should pay attention to prevent electric vehicle fires.
Many people for the convenience of the habit of parking electric bicycles in the doorway of their own homes, buildings, and private wire for electric car charging, and even some people will take the battery out of the car, take to home charging. Many people always look at this matter with a fluke mentality, and even underestimate the seriousness of the electric car fire problem!

Why is there such a great danger?
1、Battery failure
Circuit battery malfunction, causing fire. Fire occurs during driving mainly due to line overload, short circuit, high current ignition of insulation materials or other flammable and combustible materials. The main reason for a fire during charging is the electric car itself electrical wiring short circuit, charger line overload, electric car battery failure caused.
2、Production defects
Design and production defects, easy to plant hidden dangers at the source. Such as design current and line and plug-in mismatch, plug-in and connector mishandling, line laying irregularities, etc., it is easy to trigger a short circuit of the battery car, overload resistance is too large and other fire accidents.

3, improper maintenance
Improper maintenance, easy to generate new hidden dangers. If you blindly modify the internal wiring of the battery car, resulting in the wrong line connection occurs, will also lead to the occurrence of fire hazards.
4、Private modification
Private modification of electric vehicles has also become the main reason for the explosion and fire of electric vehicles. Some unscrupulous businesses in order to meet consumer demand, increase sales, private modification of electric bicycles, resulting in a series of safety hazards such as excessive current, increased heat, line aging speed up in electric vehicles.

Then how to prevent electric car fire?
1, choose the regular manufacturers to buy electric cars, to ensure the safety of the electric car battery, regular inspection, maintenance, replacement of the battery and charger.
2, the correct use of electric vehicles. The use of electric vehicles, no unauthorized modification, expansion of the battery, can not be replaced at will and electric vehicle parts do not match the battery.

3, electric vehicles to be in order quite cheer, each charge shall not exceed 8 hours. Charging is completed in time to cut off the power supply, to prevent safety accidents caused by prolonged charging.
4、Prohibit the parking or charging of electric vehicles in public areas such as shared walkways, stairwells and safety exits in the building.

5、Before charging, confirm the safety status of the electric car, check the charger, socket and plug circuit; when charging, the charger is connected to the car body first, then to the socket.
6, do a good job of electric car maintenance, regular inspection of electric car wiring. After a fault, choose professional repair, do not disassemble and repair by yourself.
Finally, remind: in addition to electric bicycles, new energy electric cars have also come into our lives, charging and use, the same need to raise awareness of prevention, not paralyzed.

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