How can a newly replaced e-bike battery last one more year?

Recently, some electric bicycle users have given me feedback: their new electric bicycle battery is not durable, only a few months to use the range of decline, not far from the situation, so what is the reason? In fact, excluding the quality of the battery, and the user's use habits have the most direct connection. So, how to use more than a year? As users need to develop the following 4 habits.

1, wait for the battery to cool down before charging
First of all, for new batteries, if the user rides for a period of time, immediately after charging, the battery will rapidly heat up, which will make the battery water loss speed up, affecting its service life. Therefore, users need to wait until the battery has cooled down before charging, so as to prevent the battery from losing water. Generally speaking, you can leave the electric bike for half an hour before charging.
2、Control the charging time within 8 hours
Second, the charging time of electric bicycle should be strictly controlled. Generally speaking, within 8 hours, the electric bicycle can be fully charged. At this time, you need to unplug it in time to prevent overcharging and thus prolong the life of the electric bicycle battery. Of course, if the charger jumped the light in advance, then you can also continue to float charging for half an hour, and this can also protect the battery and extend its service life.
3、Do not overcharge and discharge
Again, the new battery needs to do not overcharge and discharge. Simply put, the new battery should not be used up and then charged, and do not use a charge, because these two charging methods, are not conducive to the extension of battery life, but will hurt the battery. Therefore, the best way to charge is to charge the remaining 30% to 50% of the power, which will help protect the battery and extend its service life.
4, to do a special charger for the car
Finally, the new battery needs to do a special charger for the car. Simply put, after replacing a new set of batteries, be sure to choose a charger that matches it for charging, and it should be noted that even if the power is the same, do not mix with other brands of chargers for charging. Because very often, the new battery is not used badly, but charged badly. Therefore, to do a special charger for the car, it is conducive to the extension of the life of the new battery.

In short, for users, the above four habits, you can maximize the electric bike battery life, more than a year is no longer a problem. Of course, the quality of the battery is also very important, so when you choose the battery, it is best to choose some quality assurance brand battery.

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