How can the electric vehicle industry win market advantage in 2021?

From simple models luxury models, to the new national standard and electric motor. The new national standard has made a qualitative change in the electric bicycle category. In the face of increasingly brutal market competition, what direction will the electric bicycle industry products take in 2021?

I. Electric motorcycle and electric light motorcycle
Once the luxury models with fast speed, comfortable ride and other advantages occupy most of the national market, and now is included in the light electric motor and electric motor category, the overall development of the product has also appeared in a different direction than usual, there are three key words.
Standardization. After the release of the new national standard, electric motorcycle is officially included in the management of motor vehicles, 3C, catalog, off-line process, and continue to formalize the integration of motorcycle production and marketing.
electric vehicle
Speed up. After the electric motorcycle is included in the motor vehicle management, enjoy the speed advantage of motor vehicles. Mainstream brands have started to make articles on motorcycle speed. Yadi's G6 has a maximum speed of 80 yards per hour, Taittinger's Huben has a maximum speed of 60 yards per hour, and Sunrise's R5 reaches 89 yards. Next year breakthrough 50 yards has become the norm.
Intelligent. Intelligence is the necessary threshold of the Internet era, and is one of the main factors to form the market competitiveness. Next year's electric motor will be more and more towards the intelligent route.

Second, the new national standard models
At present, there are many cities are only allowed to sell the new national standard models, so the competition of the new national standard models next year, will often determine the strengths and weaknesses of many single category market.
electric vehicle
Regularization. Because the new national standard models are positioned electric bicycles, non-motorized vehicles, so in the product qualification only need 3C certification, some provinces and cities also need the local product catalog. The important thing is that the new national standard models must be produced in strict accordance with the new national standard specifications set by the state, no private adjustment of parameters and tampering, and no modification is allowed.

Differentiation. The specification of the new national standard is unified, manufacturing parameters and other aspects must be strictly followed. This sets a big threshold for the whole car companies in the development of products, design, performance, intelligence and other aspects of the embodiment of differentiation, the direction of the development of the whole car brand.
electric vehicle
The implementation of the new national standard, ultimately landed on the product. A compliant product is a passport to the future market, and how to shape the competitiveness of their own brand on top of the compliant product to provide sales, is the major industrial design company brand should consider.

Whether it is a price war or a difference war, the fierce market competition in 2021 is bound to start and end with the product. Who can win the market advantage on the three categories, who can take the initiative in the competition in 2021.

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