How come lithium-ion electric bikes are suddenly so cheap?

Power lithium battery, now very hot, is also the future direction of development. But the price is too high, the cost of the battery is more than half of the whole car, I am an environmentalist, but environmental protection can not ruin my wallet is not. Originally wanted to buy a battery car, do not want to settle, have been riding a bicycle to and from work, the recent hot weather, really can not stand the weather outside, can only buy a battery car.

When I checked online, the lithium-ion electric bicycle was so cheap. tesgo's climber was sold at 999+. It was cheaper than the average lead-acid battery, which scared me. But tesgo is after all a first-tier brand of electric bicycle, so if the battery is really bad, it's not a bad brand.
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Later, I found out that in order to promote the lithium battery, tesgo has reduced the price of lithium electric bikes, and the name of the campaign seems to be "Lithium Storm".

As an environmentalist, I appreciate tesgo's approach. After all, environmental protection is a national plan, and it's rare for a company to take the initiative to reduce its profits for the sake of environmental protection.
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I remember two years ago, I wanted to buy an electric bike to go to work, but when I asked the price of lithium-ion electric bikes, the lowest price was 4,000 to 5,000, so I didn't want to buy one. I didn't expect that in less than two years, lithium-ion bicycles have become so cheap, even cheaper than lead-acid e-bikes, which has greatly increased the popularity of lithium-ion.
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Of course, the lithium electric bicycle price reduction, not tesgo electric bicycle a business thing, need more responsible enterprises to come forward, take the initiative to reduce prices to achieve the popularity of lithium electric bicycle. tesgo as a first-line brand, is enough influence, tesgo's initiative to reduce prices, will inevitably drive a number of electric bicycle business initiative to reduce prices.

In addition, the new national standard has also been introduced. The weight of the whole vehicle does not exceed 55kg, almost is to let the electric bicycle companies use lithium batteries, it can be predicted that the era of lithium electric bicycle, is not far away.

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